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Good luck dropping the weight... I found cooking at home, and finding places to walk to and do, really helps. Plus all that fast food/take out stuff has so many extra (and nasty) ingredients, it's no wonder it piles up.

Do you play any newer games, like on a PC or console?

Thanks! It's not too bad yet, but if I keep up this lifestyle it will be. The food isn't the problem though. If I can somehow accept the fact that nothing is going my way lately and manage to keep the negativity out, the weight thing shouldn't be too difficult.

As for playing any newer games, I did buy a 3DS XL Zelda edition, but I usually just stick to flash games. You got yourself a new fan by the way. Every time I make a newspost you have something interesting to say about it, thanks for that!

Good luck with everything, especially streaming. I know how hard it is to get good at streaming.

Thank you simon. Nice to see some oldschool folks commenting here. =)

Ah, the 2nd Nijsse retirement post I can read, awesome! =P Nice to hear that you will still fulfil(-l) the moderation duty. I am pretty excited to see how many days it takes until you will get your place back when someone is passing you.

I have no idea how long it takes to create and submit an audio track or what you have to do to level up. Good luck for all of your goals and as simon already said, especially your stream. It is time to annoy you with FrankerZ-ing your stream :D

It's gonna take a lot of willpower to see myself be ranked #2 and just let it happen. I'm pretty serious about it though. To reach level 60 you have to vote on 5 games/movies per day for just 3860 days. For some reason I already did this for 3724 days, so I should go for it.

I'm looking forward to those FrankerZ's and Kappa's. Watching AGDQ and practicing ALTTP has my priority though. =)

Good luck reaching 60!

I hope you find some meaning in your life other than meaningless stats on newgrounds.

Like Zelda.

Define meaning. Like love, friends, house, car, money, kiddo's? Got most of that, it's fun. You know what's even more fun? Videogames. Thanks though. =)

A little while ago, my tummy felt bloated and out of sorts. Best remedy: a splash of apple cider vinegar and some (room temperature) water. The potassium and natural acidity of the vinegar, do a damn fine job of restoring proper chemical balance to the gut.

How do you want to stream A Link to the Past or other console games? Are you going to capture a real SNES or do you use an Emulator for practice?

And after 3 consecutive days of thinking about the sense of life, the consistency of the universe and the possibility to travel in time, I figured out that I got really inspired while reading your list. Do you mind if I steal the idea?

At first I thought about using my own SNES. The problem is that this version isn't really fit for speedrunning. Playing the English version you lose roughly 1.5 minutes compared to the Japanese version. Also, the 1.0 Japanese version has a few (frame perfect) tricks that I really want to learn. They don't save a lot of time, but they make the run more interested. Besides, it would be cool to actually submit my run to Zeldaspeedruns. It's one of the more difficult games to run, you don't really notice while watching how you are constantly busy saving frames while killing enemies and anticipating the next rooms. My set-up is an emulator (a version within the rules). I use my Nintendo classic controller pro that I can plugin to my PC using a special USB device. I obviously have Wsplit so I can reset the game every time I lose a few seconds. =P Anyway, this is both the best gaming experience for me and also suitable for streams.

You can 'steal' the idea, no problem. For some reason it helps to just put your goals out there, even if they aren't that interesting to others. I will be posting updates weekly.

We all love Moldorm :D but yeah it will take some time^^. Some speedrunners have over 10.000 attempts on one game until they start to record or stream.

Best edit I have ever read. "I didn't do something, but I am getting closer to my goal". I wish that would work for me =(

Heh, I should actually come up with a plan for the weight thing, but instead of eating carrots like an anorexic idiot I'm chugging beer in anticipation of Cosmo's WW HD run.

Played A Link Between Worlds yet?

Yes! I bought the 3DS XL Zelda edition. The game is really awesome. It doesn't have the same dark/mysterious vibe as ALttP, but it definitely lived up to my expectations.

gaining god

Hi James :)

Lol 2 minutes later .... Gz!


Hope you weren't annoyed/offended during your stream. I was just having some fun with that weird-ass game.

Okay, I missed something. Why should I be annoyed/offended?

Just me impersonating pretty much everyone / trolling the chat. I know you have a good sense of humor, so I was just making sure. =)

Got into speedrunning when I discovered the AGDQ 2013 videos on YouTube and I watched it live for the first time earlier this month. Since I've been practicing Yoshi's Island Any % -maybe I can give Trihex and CarlSagan a run for their money some day. (lol)

Yeah, same here. Some of the runners are highly entertaining to watch outside of ADGQ as well. We have some fun streamers here on NG too, so there's always something cool to watch.

Beating your own PB is definitely the most entertaining thing about speedrunning. If you are persistent enough you'll reach the top eventually, but you really need to be able to put in the hours.

Hey!! :3


Good luck in all of these. Special luck in losing these extra pounds.

You can do this. Will you make a video of this speedrun ?

Thank you Gaeth! It's not going too well unfortunately, I have so little spare time at the moment.

Yeah, I'll definitely stream a few runs, but it's going to take a while before my runs are decent enough to stream.

I wish you the very best of luck and some serious willpower for all of your goals. It'll be a sad thing to see you dropping out of the medal hunt, but you should stop when the time feels right, non?
I lost approx. 50 pounds, nice and easy in 5 years time. I know that carrying them around is drag, so I'll wish you nice losing time. It feels great looking back!

Thank you very much! I'll be posting a recap of my first month this Saturday. Quitting the medal hunt will probably be the most difficult thing on my list, but I'll try my best!

As for the weight thing, it's pretty difficult. I lived like a pig during the last few months of 2013, so now my body is craving all the trash I threw into it. Like yourself, the damage isn't that bad yet. If I don't act now though there's a decent chance I'll end up like the people on Wall-E, and that doesn't seem to be a good idea.

Good luck losing weight. I made the mistake of living off of fast food for a few months last year and gained 50 pounds.......despite busting ass for an hour 3 days out of the week no weight was lost until I got a seasonal job hustling packages for UPS. Of course when the job ended I gained it right back despite pacing for an hour (it's winter here), leg raises, side plank crunches, push ups, jumping jacks, and mountain exercises.

50 pounds in a few months is even more impressive than my 30 pounds. =)
Good luck to you as well. It's not that surprising you didn't lose too much weight after exercising that much. Muscles weigh more than fat. Any suggestions for a charity by the way? I would've expected someone to come up with something by now. =P

Haha wow that's just perfect, thanks.

I am not exactly sure what you mean with the 17-2 edit. Can you explain it a bit more?

PM'd you about it.

my game is releasing on feb 26th, mark your calendar! tons of medals :)

Cool, looking forward to it!

Faith manages, I'm sure you'll reach your goals! I finally hit a wall too, and started gaining weight, losing a few medals... that's supposed to be the other way around ;)

Even with my 'random challenge' it isn't really going the way I would like to. Perhaps you can't really treat weight loss as a videogame. For instance, a few days ago I hit the '10 pound lost' milestone, but according to my deadline I should've hit that way earlier, so I wasn't excited about it. Also, I randomly gained 2 pounds back in the last few days, so I'm even more behind now. I guess this is my first wall.

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