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hahahhahahaha, didn't mean it like that..........lolz (4/20)

Damn hippies!

we have the best music and you know it

I'm surprised that this post from July is still up today. :P

Just a few more months until the 12 Years on Newgrounds post. =P

Stop gaining so many medals, I'll never catch up to you at this rate! D:

We both know it's not because of me the gap is so huge right now! I still have some time to keep up with the new games (for the most part) and you don't, unfortunately. I keep checking your profile though, in case you go on one of your rushes. ;)

Now going on 12 years lmao. My 10th year milestone is just around the corner. Wait how did I get here. I know Tom created Pico 2 but he accidentally the whole .fla When you leave give me your account I will keep it deposited.

Are you drunk, sir? Love the golden chainsaw though, I should have it too in a few months. =)

I'm 32, with a wife and a 3 yr old, and I approve this message. ;P But seriously, despite being from the US, I can relate to your 20s experience. My recommendation is twofold.
1. Own it. If you're awesome at gaming, there's no need to hide it. I survived for a couple of years doing nothing for money besides playing scrabble, poker, cribbage, Goldeneye and pool for money.
2. Moderation. Being ranked so high with b/p points and medals is awesome, but even though we don't get any stat points IRL doesn't mean there aren't meaningful achievements to be had. Maybe kids, car talk, etc isn't for you, and that's cool. Try to find a job that kinda goes along with you interests and supports them or at least allows you benefits to do things you like. I work at a library as the technology coordinator, and even though I HATE working on computers, I get to work on the website and created a digital display to advertise programs inside the library. They paid for the pro version of InDesign CS5.5 for me ($150 through TechSoup for non-profits). But I still stay stoned most of the time. So find your niche.

On a completely selfish note, I'm on your profile constantly as a medal reference for secret medals, etc. So thanks for being awesome!

Thanks for the awesome comment. I always like to see guys who are married and have kids that still find the time to play a shitload of video games (still doing stuff they've always enjoyed doing).

As for your recommendations, owning it is the best piece of advice someone ever gave me. It's what I think of right before I have to speak in front of a large crowd, when I perform with my music or just have to do something I kinda fear. On the flipside, I never really expose my 'nerdy' side to others. Most people don't get it anyway, so I'm not going to bother telling them why I think Koji Kondo is the most awesome person in the world.

Moderation is a problem though. When I'm passionate about something I really have to be careful it doesn't consume me. This has been beneficial for things like my job and my music, but I really feel like an asshole after gaming / watching some fun show for 30 hours straight, lol. =/

Anyway, it's nice to read some things about your life. Remember, if you have a question regarding a (secret) medal, feel free to ask me here or through PM. =)

I don't know if you plan on making a 200k medal point post, so I'll just say that you really deserved getting to this milestone first. Unlike with me and 100k, it wasn't just a matter of who could play the next medal game first, it was a matter of perseverance and skill. So congrats :).

Thank you! I don't think it will take a long time before you get there as well. Things are certainly changing now that everyone can put medals in their games. Right now it's more about looking for games with working medals rather than getting every single medal in a game. Skill edges matter less because of this, but I don't really care that much about it. One of us will be #1 anyway until we both stop caring about medal games. =P

Wow, I didn't even notice you had 200k until the top medal point users list came out.
Congratulations on getting this one before Wonder. You have got your revenge now.

Thank you, Knuckstrike. =)

YOU'LL NEVER GET THE BIG DADDY MEDAL!!! NEVAR!!!! Because you have better things to do =(

Also, what Wonder said.

Anywho, how are things with the music/rhythm games? xD

Ha, perhaps one day, if I have an audiobook to listen to or something. I don't really enjoy that game anyway. Those rhythm games seem to give me some trouble. This is kinda weird considering the fact that I have a fair amount of succes with music IRL, and I do that mostly live. I have to play in A'dam again in 2 months, but I have yet to earn the Cover Band medal in POM2. :P (29/30)

Is it still a challenge for you to keep being #1?

It's not really a challenge anymore, but I still like being #1. I won't sacrifice stuff I want to do irl just to play games, so it should be possible to beat me now that everyone and their grandma's can submit medal games. Since WonderTheHedgehog seems to have the same attitude towards the games, I don't think the ranking will change any time soon.

=o You moved your medal tab to the top of your userpage! Anyways, I'm sorry for making medal-earning not as exciting as it used to be for you, I hope to eventually catch back up to you, but that'll definitely be some time far away in the future.

We'll see. Since the redesign I don't feel like earning every last medal anyway. In the past our battles were mainly about skill (or time zone differences, fffuuuuuu! =P ), it would be more about time investment now.

Say, when are you going to finish that newspost of yours? I'm still interested in your story, both your medal games story and perhaps even some irl stuff.

WOW, I wish I still had the time to dedicate to medals. That was a fun experience while it lasted. When HOS first started the list eons ago I was in the top 10 for a good bit of time...but school gets the best of people. 2009 was a long time ago...

It was a contest between me and a friend of mine, but we both got overwhelmed when we couldn't keep up anymore. believe it or not it use to be like 1 game a week had medals if not longer, it was really easy to focus on single games before moving on.

Oh, I believe it. I was there from the start as well. The first few games weren't even that good. God did I hate Fear Unlimited Issue 2! =)

honestly, i loved the story of yours, and i loved the aspect of every detail in it.
also,mid-twenties on newgrounds? i think you need to go out and do other things besides staring at a screen, but that is what i think you should do.
even with me being 14, i am trying to do other things besides this, such as get a job at 7-eleven, get accepted to a prestigious high school called bronx science, study for the SAT, and have splendid grades. i have known this site since i was 7, but for some reason i never made an account :P. i started about 8 months ago and i love this site and i think it is an amazing thing that a young man like Tom Fulp can create something like this. i dont know what it is like for you to be on this, but it must mean something.
i just think you need to experience the "real" world a bit more, but dont take this the wrong way. i just want to give suggestions.
anyways, congrats.
but srsly, take my word in consideration.

While I appreciate your comment, you're drawing some weird conclusions right there. I don't want to go into detail about my personal life, but I have an amazing job, nice friends, perform on stage with my own music, have season tickets to a sporting team in Amsterdam, blablabla. =) Also, it's pretty safe to say I've seen and experienced more of the real world than most people my age.

Thing is, when I get home from a long day, I really prefer listening to music and playing medal games, while most people prefer to sit on a couch watching re-runs of Friends or some stupid Steven Seagal movie. When people think 230k medal points can only be obtained by having no life, the only conclusion I can think of is that they just aren't very good at video games. =/

Good luck with your future goals, you don't seem to lack ambition, and that's a good thing! =)

but surely you got that feel when no gf sometimes right

OMFG, I can't believe my comments of last year. They appear quite noobish. O_O

Remember when I asked you about whistle status and such somewhere during late 2011? Well, I educated myself all the way to Silver along with some assistance from my allies.

Hehe, no problem. I feel like talking about NG stuff in Dutch can be pretty awkward anyway (Fluitje? Medaille Spelletjes? Beledigende Besprekingen? :P). Congrats on the silver whistle, well done. Now aim for gold!

Congrats on 10k medals :)

Thanks! =) Hope you're doing well.

hot damn man, over 240000 medal points?!? you are crazy man, just how much free time do you have???
oh and i mean that in a good way

Hehe, not that much actually. I just LOVE to play games to relax after a long day of work. Being fast/skilled helps to speed up the medal gaining process. Having fun while playing is the most important thing though!

I'm sure that you used to have a Gold Whistle the last time I passed by your user page. Congrats on the Deity if I never noticed. =P

And last time I commented here, I had Silver. Now I'm Gold (a few weeks ago, actually) and I shall soon join among the Deity users, but the road from Gold to Deity will be accomplished by myself, all alone. =P

Thanks, and good luck getting there yourself. I'm sure you'll earn yourself a nice deity whistle soon enough.

Let me see...

[One week ago: Gold]
[One week later: Deity]

Yeah, I've achieved Deity, but fairly quick.

That's pretty quick indeed. Congrats!

How will you maintain your saves=blams status on clock day? Do you skip that each year?

It's funny. A couple of years ago it was way easier to earn blam points. We were looking forward to clockday because of all the "easy protection points we could earn". O_o I've only acquired my 'saves=blams' status pretty recently. Now that you post the monthly B/P lists (thank you!), you might have noticed I'm barely active in the portal. When clockday arrives, I just hope to earn some easy medal points. I'm also kinda retired from medal grinding as well. You might not notice it based on the gained points in the weekly list, but a lot has changed these past few months. I might make a newspost about it soon.

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