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Very well

I gave it a 5 because the track you use sounds very good on my new speakers.

AubergineMagnet responds:

lol thanks/

I hate the crappy language

But I enjoyed your movie anyway! When I gave you feedback for the first time, I told you that there was something wrong with the text, it didn't fit right. I was hoping you'd have it worked out by now, but you haven't. But the rest of the movie was good. I liked the menu, and the fact that you had dutch subtitles(hehe), and I liked the music you used as well.

Try to work out the text stuff and maybe make your movies a bit longer. You are talented, I can see that. By the way, thanks for putting me in the credits part. Loved the track you used there! ;-)

Keep it up.


Why are you so negative in the Author's comments? Offcourse this won't get blammed, it's very well done. I like your style, the nevigation is good and it has more depth than most flash movies. Keep it up!

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An amazing ending of a really cool collab. I really enjoyed all the artwork. It felt like getting a new little Christmas present every day. Keep up the great work and I hope to see another one these fine pieces of art next year! =)

TurkeyOnAStick responds:

Hm, don't think another advent collab is in the making, since it's a pain in t'arse to manage.
Would LOVE to do a Chrismtas based art collaboration game, though, so fingers crossed.

Merry Christmas btw!

Very well done

I had a great time playing this game. The levels were challenging yet nothing too frustrating. Some of the puzzles were really clever, especially the Zelda-ish ones with the ice blocks. The graphics are nice, they are just right for the atmosphere you tried to create, without being too serious. The level editor works nicely, so even if you beat the game you can still enjoy other people's creations, or create a level of your own.

Overall I think this game deserves a way higher score than it has right now. Keep up the great work and I'm looking forward to Lost Catacombs pt. 2!

SantoNinoDeCebu responds:

Thanks man, appreciate it!

And damn you're better then me at my own game, I'm struggling to get the last few gems on the crazy door level myself!

I am a bit disappointed with the response(or lack of) I guess. The game steadily declined after judgement with not much input, but hey. What can ya do!

Good, but a bit too dark

Nice game, I really liked the atmosphere and the music. I enjoyed the somewhat harder parts, even though they didn't really seem to fit into the game. I mean, you're wandering through a dark forest and a dark cave, and suddenly you are in a mine cart Donkey Kong Country style. I would've liked to see some more puzzles and maybe a nice storyline, but I definitely enjoyed the game. I think I do prefer part 1 though.

The only real point of criticism I have, is that you made the game too dark. Yes, it does add a Halloween vibe to the game, but this was the first time ever I had to adjust the brightness of my screen just to play. Other than this, keep up the good work, and I'm looking forward to part 3!

NightDead responds:

Thank you very much for the contribution, I like these comments, help me to offer something of higher quality.

Have a creepy halloween!

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This song is one of the reasons I don't like the audio portal on this site. The only reason I found this track is because you did a review on one of my own tracks. Some idiots on this site just like to randomly vote 0 on other people's music, and when a song gets a score of <4.00, it's almost impossible for others to discover it. If you made every part of this track by yourself, you are really talented, and have the potential to become a good musician. Like dejota said, the track needs more more structure. Also, try to think outside the box when it comes to beats, percussion and melodies. You don't have to use them like everyone else does. Try to be creative and you'll be fine. Sorry if you don't really get what I'm trying to say, I just hear some raw talent that I really would like to see being polished up. Keep it up!

nice bassline!

The song starts very nice with that lovely bassline. The first synth you used doesn't do anything for me, but it's a good warm up. Nice use of filters at 1:30, nice little 'hands in the air' moment. :-)

From that moment it sounds pretty good. Again you can hear it's made with fruityloops sounds & presets. But you made a good track with it. I like this one better than the last one. Keep it up!

WizardSleeve responds:

that first synth, It doesn't do anything for me either, simple lil high pitched thing.. but a friend said i should leave it in because the tune sounded better with it in.

As for fruity loops presets, i find it funny that people think i use alot of presets just because they know I use FL and they say it about everything. The Instruments(kick snare hate) on this are Fruityloops instruments, and for such a simple trance tune i didn't see the point in altering their sound much.

FL 5 is out, 24bit sound baby, can finally put my soundcard to use.. I know Cubase and that were already 24bit, I did some work in them but i actually find FL alot more freeform.

Thinking about it... you know any good place to get some Trance and Drum and Bass style instruments, I know u can make any sound go anywhere with envilopes but it would be nice to have some processed drums for easy use, especially if its a simple bit of trance like this that doesn't take too much thinking.. its not like I am creating a psy trance piece.

Man thats another annoying thing about NG, can't upload any sy cos psy is at least 7 mins, well not that there is a minimum time for it, its just on average at least 7 mins long

Sounds too "fruityloops"

The bassline at the beginning is good and sounds well with the kick&snare. Too bad you used the standard fruity kick(and snare). The synth that comes in sounds nice but nothing special. The synth around 1:10 sounds cool though. After that your track evolves good, but the sounds you used were just not very good. Your clap should have had more variety too you know. But other than this it sounds decent, the different melodies sound cool, it's just the sounds that you used...

But hey, it's a catchy song with crappy sounds, so I spot some talent here. :-)

WizardSleeve responds:

Yeah well once again its just a simple trance tune doesn't need much more than basic FL drums hihats snare and claps, i think thats all i used of FL, the rest was either something I made on the 3xosc or a synth i edited to get the sound i wanted. Cheers for the review, maybe i will redo the couple of trance yunes you review if you think they are worth making better?

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