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Congrats Knuckstrike,And thanks to Nijsse for the contest,I was pleased to participate :)

You're welcome, thanks for participating. =)


...but how? I have a reputation of never winning random stuff.
Thanks Nijsse.

I can assure you it was decided randomly. All of you deserved to win, but I'm obviously quite pleased with the outcome. I see you still have the annoying 'Knuckstrike has no gear' message, while I have 2 Supporter Upgrades in my gear list. If you want I can send an e-mail to the store guys asking if they can fix it. Just let me know. Hope you like the changes thus far!

...and don't say that no one cares >:(

You don't need to change it. You bought it.

And what do you mean by "changes"?

You know, the supporter features... =)

Congratulations Nijsse!

Thanks man!!!1 No clue what to post as a news update. Any ideas?

How about a new song?

Also, my game is going to be a neon bullet hell game.

Thank you! :D!

You're welcome! Hope it brought some happiness into your life! 0_o

Aww..., I did not win anything....

Hm, I guess you didn't receive your 'I participated in Nijsse's contest, and all I got was this lousy t-shirt' shirt yet. Stay tuned!

So... are those winners also chosen randomly?

Not really... I figured if someone deserved a Newgrounds Supporter Upgrade it should be Charles Darwin. He's a bit of a save-whore though, his b/p ratio is horrendous .

You are the reason PsychoGoldfish fixed the medal system!
<a href="http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1035978/920#bbspost24493386_post_text">http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1035978/92 0#bbspost24493386_post_text</a>

Haha, awesome. Thanks for the info and help on that one! Hurray 13500 total medals earned. =)

So.. how does it feel to be 50k points above second place..

Heh, hello! I don't care about the top list anymore (why would I?) but I still enjoy playing medal games. Not sure about the future though. I might go all the way to 500k, but there's also the possibility of me pulling a Hedgehog soon and retire. Every big change in your life leads to a new balance, and I never know if playing games on the internetz is going to be a part of it.

You're kind of a big deal.

So are you.

Expect many more comments in the next couple of days about how many medal points you have :D

We'll see. Too bad I don't have a real news-post. Maybe I should bring the 11 Years on Newgrounds post back and change it 12.5 Years on Newgrounds. :O

&quot;one of the best gamers on a website&quot; I guess no one can dispute that now!

I tried to make fun of myself there, but I guess it also made me look like mr. Ego. Woops!

Respect for your wide lead in points, old man :) Did you get into the BBS after you joined, or was it too crazy a place? I don't think people believe me when I tell them how insane it was, when the mods were almost as bad as the trolls... there was a heavy turnover in mods back then.

Thank you! For me the BBS, at least the general part of it, hasn't changed too much. I remember wanting to participate but only read weird/stupid topics so I never knew what to contribute. When I read the BBS now, again I see the same topics so I never really post anything. I used to post a lot in the dutch people club and the stat topics, and right now I'm posting about medals and other stats.

You've been here for over a decade as well. I guess for some reason we just really like Newgrounds!

You bought another &quot;Support upgrade&quot;?, I believe that you are the only user who now has 3, is a record! ;)

I actually bought $50 worth of store credit again, so I'm going to give away another Supporter Upgrade sometime in the next few months. It's probably going to be another lame giveaway with 6 contenders, we'll see. The most important thing is supporting this site.

Nicely spotted by the way, it's only been 3 days. =)

Do you have all of the medals, or are there some that are too difficult/frustrating/bad games? Your score is pretty insane, 10 times as much as mine and then some.

I don't have every medal out there. It used to be pretty close, but there's so many games out there now and I don't have any competition for #1, so I'm not trying that hard anymore.

You will have a competition soon.. *coughWonderTheHedgehogcough* (dammit his name is too long..)

Nah, as long as the gap between me and #2 is over 50000 points, I'm not going to get my hopes up.

Thanks! I remember there were like 15 of those when you asked me. If I knew you were doing so many of those and it would take you almost 5 months to post mine, I'd come up with some longer and more interesting answers. =)