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You have decided the official date of the competition? (I can't wait)

Yeah, it's on my Newgrounds anniversary day (july 3rd). I made it a bit more clear as we're getting closer to it. Don't worry, I'll PM all the participants the day before, just to make sure you guys won't miss it. =)

Man I´m in it looks great ;)

You're in! =)

I wanna join too.

Sounds fun, I'll give it a try.

Cool, have fun.

I haven't checked this in a while; awesome to see all the participants.

18 people seems like about the perfect amount of people for this contest. A managable bunch.

Have a nice day in Amsterdam.
When you come back, I'll be on the top of the highscore table. =)

Thanks. We'll see. If it's going to be the game I have in mind, you have played it before and your score sucked back then. ;) I really hope you guys will push it to insane levels, but I guess 2 days is a little short for that.

lol.. that's a tough game!
I remember ragequitting after barely passing room 20 o,0;

You're doing a lot better this time around. Exciting stuff, thank you!

I'm pleasantly surprised with the game you picked =p. Also, happy 13th NG anniversary; I hope Amsterdam is/was fun. Also, what happens in the event of a draw?

Thanks, it was a fun day. Glad you like the game I picked, the high score table is very interesting, can't wait to see how it will unfold. Best of luck to you! If it ends in a draw, I'll pick a new game for just the two of you. Plinko? =)

"thanks for discouraging the competition!"

I didn't care about that^^, first thing I wanted is to beat your highscore of 51. =)
Can't forget 60s Santa Run.

Yeah, I would've been pretty disappointed you guys failed to beat my score. The game keeps challenging the player, and I thought the 50 rooms medal was a lot of fun to try and reach.

I just noticed WonderTheHedgehog reached 50 rooms as well! You haven't won yet. =)

Yeah, I know. He keeps me up to date in the Twitch chat.^^

I just finished watching the 54 room run, very nice job. It seems like you really listened to me when I said "while the game is frustrating the hell out of you". =P Too bad I'm missing all the live recordings. I hope someone will start one of those within the next few hours.

Meh, not really my kind of game, the randomness is just annoying. I doubt I'd be able to get much further than 20 if I tried more. I need to spend more time trying to get top topper this week :P.

That's too bad, but it's your choice obviously, so no worries. I think the randomness is what makes this game so interesting. Depending on the weapon you get, a room can be very easy or incredibly difficult. Also, if a run doesn't seem to go your way, you still keep playing because there's always the 2% shot you get room 7.

Yeah, nice one. I really hope for a second game.^^ But also I hope Plinko is a joke...

Yeah Plinko was a joke, I had a few decent ideas to discuss with you guys. It seems like it won't be a draw though, as WonderTheHedgehog just took the lead.

Damn, he got 56 =(, I have to get back to this game ...

Good luck! I don't care who wins, you both did an amazing job. 4 hours should still be enough time to get into zen-mode and reach room 60 like you promised. =)

Thank you for the contest and the supporter upgrade, Nijsse. As frustrating as the luck was at times it was overall a fun experience :). I'm a little disappointed that not too many of the people participated, but oh well. It was a close match with Syrreal, but in the end I got a lucky run. Also, thanks for ruining my 1k+ point gain per day for this week =p.

You're welcome, glad you had fun. I was hoping for some more active participants as well, but I'm pretty sure it wouldn't have made much difference in the end. Not much other users can do if 2 of the elite gamers on this website decide to spend so much time trying to outdo each other.

Congratulations WonderTheHedgehog! :3
I watched some of the gameplays by you and Syrreal, they were pretty entertaining XD
This game is really frustrating if you're not lucky.
I played around 3 hours totally? I keep on dying around 30s because of some stupid luck (DAMN THAT UZI)
I think if I spend more time on this game, I can probably reach 50s, but I need a lucky run :P
Maybe... one day.. I'll try again...

Anyway, great competition by Syrreal and Wonder. It was really fun to watch :)
Good luck next time Syrreal ^^

Agreed. I still think the luck element in this game is what made it the perfect pick for this competition. If the game was pure about skills it would probably still be frustrating, and most users wouldn't have a chance at winning. If it was a luck-based game I might as well throw a dice like last year. =P

Oh and Thank you Nijsse for making this competition :)

You're welcome! Maybe next time the prize should be a Penicorn, so people with a supporter account can play for themselves.

Congratulations WonderTheHedgehog!

And to Shantom. You got Bronze this week although you didn't even participate in the contest. XD

lol I don't know how I stayed in 3rd place even though I didn't put much of a fight :P
Too bad many people didn't participate :|

I want a penicorn!
But seriously, great dedication from both "serious" contestants. I was secretly rooting for Syrreal, but clapped in my hands when I saw that Wonder got 56 rooms. Awesome run.

Also, Nijsse, nicely organized. Great participation, and a perfect game choice. I'm surprised that not more people participated. Even I was only one room away from bronze, and I only played for about three hours.

From now on, I'll read every single one of Syrreal's posts in his German accent :]

Thanks for the kind words Knuck.
I didn't really mind who turned out to be the winner. WonderTheHedgehog and I have been friendly competitors for some years now, but I definitely wouldn't have mind shipping the prize to the angry German guy. =P

Btw. what was the game for the first contest and who won it?

It was literally a giveaway for active NG users. All you had to do was make a comment on my newspost and I would find a way to give away the prize. My first idea was to pick a game, but since no one seemed to care about it, I just picked the 6 users I respected most and threw a dice. Yes, a dice. Knuckstrike won.

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