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Are you planning on going back to your Yagya account to bring it back to an even score, or do you think you'll just leave it there. I've also noticed you earned a medal on that account about a month ago, what was the reason for that? :P. Also, do you think you'll ever do another stream?

The Chibi Knight medals broke down so I contacted BoMToons. After some time he asked me to test the medals again, so I guess that's my new use for the Yagya account: testing medals that I already have on my main account.

As for another stream, I don't really know yet. It would be a good opportunity for me to actually talk some English (it's been years..) and entertain/annoy you guys with my thick Dutch accent. =) How about yourself? You know how much I like these streams. It's a shame they don't get a lot of views, perhaps you should spam a bit about them on the BBS. How do you like the new changes regarding the medal system? I've been working hard to make sure everything is working the way it's supposed to work. Something like 95% of the issues have been fixed so I'm really excited about that!

I'm definitely planning on doing another stream soon-ish, but as for whether or not it'll be possible is another story :P. I much prefer the fact that the streams don't have a lot of viewers; I'm sure I'd be even more nervous than I already am if I had more, so I don't think I'll do any more advertising than updating my post ;P. I'm finding that the changes with regard to the medal system are great! Along with the much-needed bug fixes there were some changes made that I never even thought about that should have been changed (medal locked overlay). Thank you for all your hard work, I just hope that your mod duties aren't detracting from the enjoyment of your medal earning :). Also, for curiosity's sake - if I find some new bugs or that something isn't working the way it's supposed to, should I just ignore it, post in the forums, or PM you about it?

Looking forward to your next stream! =)

If you find any bug / stuff worth mentioning, please PM me. Lets hope it's not necessary, but I'm well aware the system isn't flawless yet.

That's impressive. I don't even have the motivation to earn one medal.

Yet you still managed to get 690 of them!

I have this buddy named alcohol that plays games for me.

Yeah I know that guy. We play medal games together quite a lot. Tell him I say hi!

Wanted to say i will follow you because you are the guy with most medal points in the entire NG,dude.

Thank you. Have fun collecting medals! =)

Oof, the gaming champion of Newgrounds has only 101 fans? Have another, buddy. That's a colossal score you've racked up there. :D

Thank you! Good luck collection medals yourself, it's a lot of fun.

I respect you

Thank you, Stix.

I am ready for your stream. Next month started yesterday :D

Sigh, I had some fun stuff planned this month with a contest and some streaming. The contest will definitely not happen and it's very likely I'll have to postpone the stream. If things won't balance out in my life there's a high probability Pulselane will take the thrown. It's been somewhere between 2.5 and 3 years, so it's been a great run no matter what. =)

my game should be out next week, and it has 500pts in medals. I challenge you to get them all :D

Will try! I probably won't be one of the first to get them, there isn't much time for me to play medal games at the moment. The game looks fun though!

You still do Streams for medals?

No, but I'm planning on streaming soon. Just need to find a decent mic and set it up properly. Meanwhile, WonderTheHedgehog and Syrreal (#2 and #3 in medal rankings) both have pretty entertaining streams. You should check them out. =)

Mother Teresa:

- misusing charitable money,
- and maintaining positive relationships with dictators.

okay, sounds like me, accepted. :D Put on da stream !

No honestly, I hope everything will balance and work out again for you, whatever the circumstances are.

Thank you. If everything goes according to plan I'll be testing my 'set-up' this weekend. Don't expect too much though. Can't wait to finally provide you guys with my useful strategies on BlessFlasher games.