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I just want to say thank you...

Posted by Nijsse - November 5th, 2009

to all the people who just randomly vote 0 on other people's music, just because:

a) someone has a higher score, even though you downloaded Fruityloops last week
b) "omg, this isn't heavy metal! vote zeroooooo"
c) you are an idiot
d) you don't like the user who made the music

It's not like the flash portal where a movie needs 200 votes before it even stays in the portal. No, when you (and some other clowns) vote 0 on someone's music, the score gets so low that it's almost impossible to be discovered by other users, no mather how good the track is. I know this post won't make any difference, but it's just a bit frustrating. One of my goals on this site was to make music that people would actually use in their flash movies, but I guess that's just not gonna happen.

I didn't want my first News Post on NG to be so negative... NG still rocks even after being a member for almost 10 years. The medal games are awesome and very very addictive. :)

Comments (6)

yeah I agree .. stupid kids who vote 0 just because of their own inability (laziness) to create decent stuff .. f00ls

Damn right dude

yeah dude. i got a bunch of stupid rap songs on my page and if people don't get the joke it gets zero bombed. i feel your pain lol

I hear ya loud n clear

You forgot to mention "because they disagree with my heavy handed modding" Granted, it doesn't apply to you, but my scores have dropped quite a bit around the time I spread some modly love around.

Or maybe people just don't like the sound of your voice.

Just kidding, please don't ban me. 0_0

Get ready for that 100k medal points post. :D