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100000 Medal Points!

Posted by Nijsse - February 25th, 2011

There, I did it, I reached the 100k medal point milestone. My goal was to be the first one to do it, but WonderTheHedgehog beat me to it by around 12 hours. It was a matter of who had the chance to play the newest game first, and I had a trip to Amsterdam (Ajax, beer, Red Light District =] ) planned yesterday, and that's obviously more important than playing games on the internetz. Oh well, I don't mind being 2nd after someone who earned both of the Lastman medals within 24 hours. You sir, are skilled. Yes, I know there is someone else who has even more points, but even though he seems like a nice guy, I just hate cheaters. Always have, always will. Even back in the Megadrive / Snes days, I refused to beat games with cheat codes. I mean, It's like finishing a marathon on a bike. Yes, you got there, but you'll never feel as good as the people who did it the way it's supposed to be.

It has been a while since I discovered the medal system. After years of just going to NG to make my daily exp deposit, I found out about Portal Defenders having unlockable achievement thingies, and was instantly hooked. The best thing about the medal system is the large variety of games you get to play. NG has an insane amount of talented artists, guys like Matt Roszak, Makopudding, JuicyBeast, Tom Flump himself and others create stuff I would definitely pay money for. Some games really suck, but most of the time I'm having a great time gaming on this site. I don't think I spend (too) much time on them, I feel like the average person wastes more time watching awful tv shows. Maybe I should spend more of my spare time making music, a small record company from Amsterdam offered me to release a (mini) album of my stuff like 6 months ago, but I'm lazy and so are they, so I'm sure it will happen eventually.

As always, if any of you guys have a question regarding a medal or medal game, check Wylina's awesome medal guide, post your question in this topic, or shoot me a PM, I will gladly help you.

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I'd like to say congrats! I'm nowhere near 100k medal points but I plan to get it someday. Although, I'm more focused on wanting to get as much individual medals as possible which will count towards the Hexalist. That goes by number of medals and not medal points so that's why I'll be more focused on quantity of medals.

Thanks Bahamut! Your Hexalist is the reason I started collecting some of the easier 0-point medals. I think it's a nice addition to the Pentalist.


Congrats bro! That's some true dedication right there.


(some day i'll reach that 100k...someday)

Hehe, I'm sure you'll get there, 66k is a nice score!

damn you still did a good job

Congrats, Nijsse, on reaching 100k medal points, it doesn't even really matter who reaches it first at this point, it's a huge accomplishment no matter what. Also, thanks, I think Lastman gave me some emotional scars that will never go away (if I ever hear one of those sounds again I might just lose it..).

Thanks Wonder, I know it doesn't really matter that much. I just like the fact that we are so close in points, after playing so many games. I don't know if I can keep up with you in the future, we'll see. I'm having fun so far!

Oh gawd you changed your news post IT BURNZ WHY!!!!

*cough* Congratulations! Even more so if you're really 79 years old.

Well it's a lot more friendly that my last post. :P

I'm sorry to say I'm not 79 years old. I'm actually a 160 year old ethiopian ice skater with sick gaming skills.

Lolz you went to A'dam? I'm going there tomorrow. :P

Well, congrats, I must say. I still got 20000+ to go. Will you go on earning medals or just stop here?

I won't stop here, it's easy to step away from playing games if you feel like you spend too much time on them, and right now I'm just having fun. The thing is, I almost got every medal from the earlier games, so I mostly focus on the new ones and it's not hard to keep up with them.

Good luck reaching your 100k goal, and have fun in A'dam. =)


Thx, grats to you too on your 5k reviews!

...and people like me will always be watching you...in a manner that's not creepy at all. Nope.

...and I wouldn't be #1 if it wasn't for your awesome list! So thanks a lot, and thanks for making me waste all those hours playing games. I'm sure I could've cured cancer by now. Oh well. =)

Congrats! I noticed you made the top score for my Donkey Kong submission! I have to admit I didn't think someone might get that high XD Was it challenging? Did you like the game itself?

Hi sir, yes I really did like the game! I remember playing the original Donkey Kong on my C64 when I was really young, so you brought back some good memories. As for the challenging part, yes and no. You increased the time bonus every time you beat the game, but the points that you need to gain an extra life stays the same. The game gets harder every new round, but after like round 10 I didn't really notice any difference, and I got really good at the game. I died like 1-2 times every round (mostly at the first part, the other parts were fairly easy), but after a certain round that means that I earned more extra lives than lives I lost.

My point is, I could probably play the game up to 10 million points without being close to the game over screen. That seemed like an epic waste of time so stopped playing when I reached the 2 million point mark. Anyway, keep up the good work, and congrats on the daily feature! =)

Ahh that's true, I didn't think that through hahahaha I'm glad you liked it and thanks for the info!

As for the hardness, you're very right! The algorithm I cretaed to increase the diffuculty stops after level 10, I assumed once there it was going to be hard enough lol

I think it's perfect this way. You don't want to make your game almost impossible just because you can, we have enough of those as it is. When your next game comes out, the medal collectors will think 'Nice, a new game by LilDwarf' instead of thinking 'sigh, here we go again'. This is much better. ;)


Thank you! Good luck collecting b/p points.

I am certainly late, but I still want to congratulate you for this enourmous score, I hope that you continue to enjoy upcoming games on Newgrounds!

Thanks! I will definitely continue to enjoy playing games here. Even after all these years, NG is still one of my favorite sites on the web!

I must say, I'm impressed you've continued to earn all these medal points for this long; I've been way too busy with slightly-more-important stuff to play these games. Now, I hope I can say this and actually have it be true for once: Don't get too comfy up on your throne, I'm coming to overtake you! =)

Hehe, that has always been the difference between us, you have weeks where you earn almost no medal points, and then have weeks where you earn an insane amount of them. I just find a few hours every week and collect points at a steady rate. I know this will end eventually, probably the moment people catch on to the fact I can do an 8-hour workday in 4 hours. :P

I hope to have some competition from you again sometime, I kinda miss the suspense when checking the medal points list on sunday mornings, even though you beat me almost every time because of the timezone difference. =)

You were caught cheating, and you were removed from the thread. Shame your account wasn't stripped of the points as well. All of the above congrats are unearned.

Haha, no, some user thought it would be a brilliant idea to openly accuse me of cheating. All of the points he brought up turned out to be very wrong. Lots of respected people in the medal community quickly defended me, and I delivered proof that there was nothing wrong with the medal orders. Most of the stuff I got ''accused'' of, were medals I earned that didn't work when the game first came out, so I had to earn them afterwards, like most people who plays medal games consistently. Looking back to it, almost everyone(!!) in the top 10 has the same medal orders as me when it comes to the games I got accused of. Hell, even the accuser himself has the same order in some of them. =/

So no, I was not caught cheating, and I am not removed from the thread. I earned my medals fair and square. It does hurt me to see people claim otherwise. One guy pops up in a thread, tells some lies, and now people like you make these kind of comments, even if they are based on absolutely nothing. I hope the guy responsible for this if proud of himself, he made it a LOT less fun for me to try to remain #1...

Awesome job bro! you ARE a gaming master:)

Thank you :)