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yum yum frozen treats

Nooooooo not nexus.
Pretty please?
Anyway I'm in. AND I'M GOING TO BEAT ALL OF YOU except for people like Fooliolo, Wonder, Shantom, Syrreal, Edykel and other people who are better at gaming than I am.

Okay, no Nexus. I just noticed the Balrog guy uses high-score tables too! Should be fun, right? ;)

I don't know if all of those guys are going to participate. Shantom entered and I'm pretty sure WonderTheHedgehog will like it as well, but the others usually stay away from my news page.

A competition?, I love the contests with prizes, the time has come for me to make practice on some game, because I want to participate, and maybe even win :P

I'm definitely interested in doing this. Thank you!

I ended up here by pure luck... I guess it`s fate, so I`ll give it a try haha

A gaming contest?sounds very interesting,of course I'll participate,I really like the fast-paced games (something like man in gap),also,happy 13th NG birthday!

Thanks! I agree games like Man in Gap are fun, but that game in particular has way too many bugs to use for the contest. I'll try not to disappoint you. =)

It's in July? That's in the middle of my vacation and isolation time. Happy 13 though! You're just a few years ahead of me. :P

I think I will give it a try. I just hope it doesn't turn into "Nijsse is too lazy to make a contest" contest :P

Ha. Well, the store credit is available and the contest is already there. All there's left for me to do is pick a game on the 3rd of July. I hope it will be a bit more exciting than last year's dice throw, but I think Knuckstrike was pretty happy about it.

I dare you to choose Desert Bus as the game. I dare you.

oh why not ill jump on the bus but if you do choose madness then ill be the winner hands down

I dare you to choose this game as the game. I dare you
<a href="http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/610258">http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/610258</a>

If only it had a high-score table!

So, who are you playing for? I'd like to add Cyberdevil, Shantom and yourself to the list of participants, but you guys can't seem to read the damn manual. =P


Well, I think I made up my mind. It's H-O-S's birthday that week as well, so I suppose I'll give it to him.
Or, well, you give it to him.

Perfect, thanks for not picking another shitty user. Good luck!

Wow, I somehow read that as June instead of July the first time through and was sad about not having the time to join... so I guess I'll join in now that I know =p. Also, it's crazy that's it's already almost been 2 years since your 11 years on NG post; the time really did fly by.

It wouldn't be the same without you. Lets hope it will be an interesting challenge!

I don't have someone in mind. I mean the people I want to play for are already skilled enough to play for themselves (Syrreal, EdyKel and some other gamers). Playing for them is like.. insulting them :P
I'm just joining for the fun of it (I like competing with others). No need to add me to the list. :3

Or maybe, if I win, I can make my own competition and... o,o
nah nvm -_-

Okay, your choice. Hope you'll change your mind.

I want to take an active part
in winning this awesome giveaway award

That's great, I was hoping you'd join the fun. Good luck.

I would like to participate in this contest.I love playing challenges and getting medals.

That's great, have fun!

Sure love playing games? Count me in.

I almost didn't recognize you with that new icon XD
LoZ ftw :P

Agreed, I think it fits quite well. It was time for the elephant to go.

Would love to join

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