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Do you have a certain medal you want to get for 500k points?

No. There's a good chance I'll need to keep earning points just to stay at 500k. It's probably just going to be a 1-hour stream of Blessflasher games. For me, there are 3 'legendary' medals that I was never able to get. Your Bubble Sky, if you will. I shouldn't torture myself with them on stream though.

And that for rendered, staged and recorded gameplay that shows nothing of the real game like it happened with Watch Dogs.


Congratulations for reaching 500k medal points and 20k medals at the same time.


Congratulations for 500k medal points!! :D
*cheers* *claps* :P

Hurray, it's my favorite married teacher from Kuwait! How's life? =)

You are godlike.

Thanks for being fan #150. =)

No prob buddy

Dude, you deserved a fan because you're awesome at the medals If only I could be like you.

Thank you. Just have fun playing medal games and you'll earn a lot of points in no time! =)

The gaps are immense now :o

Even above me there's a 50k gap

True, but if you manage to close that gap you can get from #11 to #5 in no-time. =)

Damn, 600,000.. 400k more to go :)

Ugh, we both know what a horrible idea that is. =P

I guess a millball would be feasible around... 2019?

Belated congrats to 600.000 medal points.

I have totally missed that. I was only focused on PulseLane that I didn't notice it, lol. But now I will only care about you, promise. =)

I wonder how many medals or medal games are left you didn't even try currently.


Do you use Bobogoobo's program? I'm not entirely sure how it works, but it seems accurate enough. According to his stats, there are 13 games left that I haven't touched. 634 games show up as incomplete, and I miss almost 3000 medals. This is proof that I've skipped at lot of medals in the last few years. I remember times when there were only like 10 medals left for me.

I ran your numbers, and it shows up as 451 unplayed (!), yet only 311 games incomplete. Again, this won't be totally accurate, but if you start using his program it will boost your points in no-time.

I did not use Bobogoobo's program. It was broken for a long time until *censored because I am not sure about the law and if the person wants to be mentioned here* fixed it and later Bobogoobo himself after returning. But it still showed me stuff I already have. I don't know why, but it is always incorrect for me. Or it was. Of course giving it another try would be the best idea in this case.

Thanks for running the program. The numbers don't sound that bad. I have to run it on your name. I wonder what the poor 13 games are.

Yeah, I suggest you just try it again. Even if only 90% of the data is accurate (but I'm sure the real percentage is much, much higher), it still beats going through the entire Games With Medals backlog.

How is Mass Effect going?

Thanks for the reminder. I forgot about it. Will report back to you when I played it. =)



I will top you someday. It might take decades, but I will.
And if not me, then someone else will do.

Good luck. =)

I will never F5 again. Momentum was frustrating like hell.

Hahaha, don't lie to me, you know you will. =P

Yeah, I checked out Momentum for a good 5 minutes before deciding I'd actually like to have fun playing games. Mad props (again) for getting these medals though.

Really nice. Congratulations the 600,000 medal points. Hopefully reach 1,000,000 fast.
please, continue surprising us. XD

if have an orthographic error, sorry. :|

Thank you! Don't know about the million points though, it's still such a long way from here.

Such insanely high amounts now! :) Congrats!

I read something about weight loss challenges in the comments btw? Wonder how that went? Challenging time to stay in shape with all this Christmas cooking, if you still are. :)

Thanks! I'm thinking about posting a little update when I reach the 2/3rd of a million medal point mark.

The weight challenge went great. I started on January 5th 2014, and my starting weight was 214 pounds. Nothing too bad, but it's a slippery slope from there. I took the slowly & steady route, losing 2-3 pounds a month. It took me 1,5 years to get to 165 pounds. Seems like a healthy weight, and it doesn't take me too much effort to stay there.

Seems that might be pretty soon! Shame there are no single point medals, so you could even out at 666,666 for that snapshot. ;)

Ah, impressive shedding! And consistently for such a long time too. I was battling fat for a few years myself, gaining each winter, getting in (better) shape each summer, then finally, all it took to get on track was a new job, one that required a bike ride and back to get to. Training with purpose! :)

Wonder how tall you are btw? Correlating to potential ideal weight/height ratio.

That's nice to hear! Bike riding can be really fun. How is that going for you, now that it's winter and you live in Sweden?

For me it was mostly adjusting my eating & drinking habits. Drinking mostly water instead of lemonade, eating smaller portions etc. Not teasing myself; if I really feel like eating something unhealthy I'll just do it. For instance, if I'm on the road with some friends and they want to go to MacD's, I won't be buying the fucking salad. =)

I'm 5'9-6ish, so my BMI is around 23. The real number should be a bit lower because of how I'm build.

As long as the snow doesn't start melting and then freezes over, or we get some heavy snowfall and they don't clear the roads in time it's not so bad. Does feel a bit heavier with snow than without, but the traction's pretty good, no need for studded tires or anything. One annoying habit they have here in Southern Sweden though is to salt the roads. They do this so that the snow will melt faster, but instead it often turns into a quicksand-like mush that just keeps pulling you back when you try to get through it, and when on the verge of melting it sticks under the wheel guard so you have to stop and knock it out when it starts getting too heavy. Well, I guess there are some issues! But it's better exercise in winter, then when spring comes and they clear away all the sand and debris... it feels like you're just flying, gliding around so effortlessly. :)

Sounds like you didn't have that unhealthy habits even before the change. Lemonade's pretty healthy stuff... especially if you skip the sugar. ;) Haha yeah, going to MacD for a salad kind of defeats the purpose of going to MacD I'd feel! Good plan. I'm a pescaterian myself btw, seafood only. Fish burgers ftw!

Ah, I'm about the same height then, though balancing at around 187 pounds. Still not the ideal ideal then, but not bad!

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