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11 Years on Newgrounds

Posted by Nijsse - July 3rd, 2011

Today is my 11-year anniversary on Newgrounds! I can't believe I'm still having so much fun on a website I discovered such a long time ago. The reason I created an account here was because I found out about Pico, by far the best free online game back then. There were rumors Pico 2 was going to be released really soon, so I created an account to be informed the moment that would happen. Very funny Tom, very funny. At first I didn't really care about stuff like experience points, I was too busy slapping Britney and clubbing seals.

After a few years, some of my friends started making flash movies. One of them actually won a few daily prizes. Being an awesome friend, I voted 5 on their movies, and that was when I discovered voting power. I started to deposit daily, and right around that time Newgrounds introduced the blam/protection system. Watch & vote on movies/games, and you earn points, ranks, and more voting power. This was probably the most addicting thing ever to me, and after starting off slowly I became obsessed with the numbers. I still remember a beautiful day when I was at the beach thinking 'ugh, I'm missing out on some points now. It was awesome to become Supreme Commander #19, but I instantly quit earning points afterwards because it was time to stop the madness.

Around that time there was a 'Dutch People Club' on the BBS, a thread that allowed us to speak Dutch. People were basically spamming around a bit and I chimed in from time to time. Before the thread got closed (as it was impossible to moderate) I came in touch with a girl (a regular in that thread) and we started chatting a bit. She was living like 150 miles from me in the capital of Belgium. I'm old fashioned when it comes to dating, but going to an unknown city to meet an unknown person to go to an unknown underground party seemed like an awesome idea to me. Even though her Dutch was pretty horrible at first and my French was even worse, we had an amazing connection and actually dated for a few years. Having a long-distance relationship, combined with going to a university, was pretty damn difficult, as I was basically living in a train. We had to sacrifice all of the little free time we had just to be together. This is easy at first but gets progressively harder. Loosing her as my girlfriend wasn't too difficult, but I still miss her as a friend sometimes, even a few years later.

Well, I wasn't going to quit on Newgrounds just yet. For some time, I only went to the site just to deposit my daily experience. Right when I started to doubt why I would still waste that daily few minutes, Newgrounds implemented the medal system. Being a Nintendo guy, there aren't a lot of great games out there, but I really love gaming, so earning a few medals seemed like fun. Medal games turned out to be even more addictive than b/p'ing, and new medal games were released once every few days. This kept things interesting, and reason enough to keep playing them. There was a period I was really obsessed with medals, just like I was with b/p points. This hasn't been the case for a long time, but on that foundation I'm steadily cruising on the #1 spot on this site for medal points. I'm still having fun and don't see myself retiring from medal games any time soon, but you never know what happens in life.

So, what do you guys think? Is it time to grow the f up, make a few babies, brag about my car/work, and do whatever it is people are supposed to be doing at their mid-20s? Or just keep on sailing through life, do whatever I want, and hide the fact I'm one of the best gamers on a website full of 15-year old dudes to my social environment? :P

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Nijsse, you're awesome.

You've helped me out so much with my medals :)

You're welcome. Don't get too addicted though. =)

Just keep visiting this site as long as you keep enjoying it. I'm surprised I'm still enjoying NG coming almost 7 years in with my account. Like you, I've had a decline era on here but finding new ways to keep our interest in the site has kept us here for so long. I merely signed up on this site for the heck of it and who knew that one small move would lead me to meeting up with people who I knew from the internet as well as winning a little trophy on this site?

I'll see you around and happy 11 years for your account!

Yeah it really amazing how small decisions can change a life so much. I'm sure you'll be around in another 3 years, hopefully still doing weekly/monthly updates on our stats!

I've only been here 3 years and I fondly remember how great I thought it was. I still think Newgrounds is great, but I don't love this site as much as I did when I was 13.

Feels kinda bittersweet really.

Still, 3 years is a long time. Hope you'll stick around!

Happy account birthday! 11 years is amongst the elite

Hi Luis, thanks a lot! Also, thanks for all the great stuff you've done for NG!

Wow, quite an interesting life story. As long as you're on top, keep your honour, and don't quit.

Sincerely, 15 year old dutch.

Hehe, yeah I noticed you're from Hoorn. Good luck collecting medals, you're getting closer to the 100k mark every day. =)

I think it's time for you to grow the f up. Be the 256 year old figure-Mobius skater Indian.

Only if we can have a real life figure-skating competition with medals worth points.

time 4 u and 4 me to start growing up

So what do 'grown ups' do in their spare time? Watch drama shows and talk politics?

you sound like a really cool dude..... i hope all goes well with your life... meanwhile ill be using you as a guide to my medal collection if you dont mind :)

Thanks muhlio, have fun collecting medals!

Man that's pretty cool, i'm approaching my 9th year on here, weird to think how time has gone by!

9 year is a very long time as well. Now look at us being more active than ever on this site, just because we love collecting those shiny medals. =)


Hehe, thanks. I actually liked the golden sword better, but the hammer is pretty nice as well. =)

Wow, your position can shift the weight when you vote on something. I envy you

Bestaat er nu echt een Nederlanse Club hier in NG? Wist ik niet.

I can make a decent impact on a score of a flash that just passed judgment. Nothing too crazy though.

As for your question; die bestaat helaas al een aantal jaar niet meer. Het viel niet te moderaten omdat geen enkele mod in die tijd Nederlands was. Het was een leuke groep, en heb er zelfs een paar real life ontmoet.

So you learned to speak dutch eh? ;p curious how much you know. That's quite a bummer for you, belgium is 3 hours away from were i live. Believe me a long distance relationship is not going to work, you'll never get to f*ck your girlfriend.

Regarding the points and medals.. I think every control freak is going through that fase sooner or later. I'm just trying to keep up with you. And to be honest if i were you i would worrie about my future, cause i'm already doing it now. But don't give up newgrounds. You are a legend since you here with it's birth.

Happy 11 year anniversary

Hi! I actually AM dutch, so speaking it isn't much of a problem. :P The thing was, she only spoke french at first, and my french was pretty horrible. She picked up the dutch language really fast though. A long distance relationship can actually work, we saw each other every weekend. Doing this, all I did was basically hating my life at the university, sleeping for hours on trains and then chilling my balls off at my GF's place. I'm actually amazed how long I was able to handle that lifestyle. :P

Good luck collecting medals. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have a question about a game/medal, and thanks for your post. =)

ok dan heb ik het verkeerd gelezen, sorry ;p

are you sure? Anders zou ik je een beetje te vaak lastig vallen met vragen.
Ik heb liever hulp met dat fluitje ;p

Geen probleem. =)

Yeah, as long as you keep it to 1 or 2 games/questions at a time, sure.

Wow, maar nu bestaan er Nederlandse moderateurs zoals Auz en Zendra.

Ik heb wel een vraag:

Hoe krijg je dat zilveren fluit?

Ik probeerde alles:

"Flag een abusive review als 'abusive' "
"Fluit het fluitje waneer een "racist" flash bestaat en is in "Under Judjment" positie"
"Ik vroeg Wade Fulp over de punten, maar hij had niet terug gestuurt."

En je bent 15? (Lees ik van jouw nieuws post)

Zendra was part of the club, but also one of the reasons it got closed. He acted like what we call a ''landverrader'', but it has been years and he probably matured now that he doesn't have to try so hard just to become a mod. Auz is awesome though.

As for the whistle. You're doing the right stuff, but the whistle status doesn't get updated a lot. I suggest you just keep flagging abusive stuff when you notice it, but forget about your whistle status. It might take months before you get to silver+. As for you last question, no, I'm not 15. That would mean that I signed up for Newgrounds at the age of 4. Haha, that would be amazing. :P

*Sorry for responding in English, but others should be able to read it. I will respond to your PM's in Dutch though!*

Well, much had been going on in NG while I didn't even know about this site.

But crap, MONTHS?! Maybe it's gonna take a YEAR to get to Bronze, lol.

Just look at your Vt. power: 9.25, that is a big load of power.

(I don't think sending you PMs will even be effective. I propably have only two hours of inernet a day nowadays. Maybe I'll start chatting wit you at Christmas time and the months of January and Febuary. But I DO check my inbox everyday *well, except for the following week* so you want so chat in a *long period of time* it will be no problem. You can send in any language if you are going to. *But not German or French because I suck in those languages*)

Ok, see ya.

Congrats on 150k! I imagine you won't have to work very hard to keep your top spot for the next couple of weeks, as I'm not going to be focusing on earning medals, but rather on having fun. So, enjoy your free spot for the next couple of weeks =).

Thank you. You know medal games are all about having fun, right? I know what you mean though, enjoy yourself irl, hope you have a great time. =)

I also remember the first time I went to Newgrounds, was about 5 years ago. at the time thought "if my dream was to create a game ... why not just start it?"
And here I am ... likewise understand your long distance relationship that look at me ... I'm with my girlfriend after 3 years in different cities.
11 years is easily said but you more than anyone you've looked all changes to this site.
Let us thus, creating a pleasant community.

Sorry for my bad english.

Seems like that dream became reality, as you're doing a great job making flash games. My first goal here was to make music that people would actually use in their (non-stickman) flash movies. It's kinda sad I got signed to a record company before someone on Newgrounds used my music in a flash submission. Oh well. =P

I'm happy for you the long-distance relationship is working out. Sure, it can be difficult at times, but the feeling you get when you see each other after a long time is probably one of the best feelings in the world. =)

Wow, it's been 6 years for me and I can understand where you started at.... I bet it was exciting when you first met the girl you mentioned, it's prety awesome to meet people on a site like this. I think we should all juut keep the status quo where we always come to newgrounds to do what we have always enjoyed these past 6 or 11 years, which is playing awesome games, watching awesome movies and lurking the bbs every once in a while ;)

And of course, play Donkey Kong! :P

DK Returns part 2 was awesome, well done. I didn't think it was harder than part 1, but on hard it was definitely challenging. Looking forward to part 3! =)

11 years is pretty long time to be one newgrounds, At least there's been some new things that keep the interest of older users for a little longer.I say it's really up to you with how you want to utilize your own time ,no one elses... you're only as old or young as you feel.
The forums can work in mysterious ways ,when you visited that girl what was the underground party like?

It was in an abandoned parking garage in one of the worst neighborhoods in Belgium. Fun times though! I always loved going to that sort of things. I've had parties in the middle of woods, in caves, next to lakes, etc. For the last 2 years, I've had an annoying 'I've seen it all' feeling. These days, I seem to only look forward to parties I have to play myself. =/

Congrats! I love how you have four music and twenty flash reviews. One love bro!!

Thanks! Yeah, I don't care much about reviews. Besides the technical stuff, I feel like audio is way too subjective/personal, so reviews seem fairly pointless to me. Unless you're going to point out technical mistakes, and that seems fairly boring to do, I prefer rather making music myself.

As for flash reviews, there are people out there who amazing at writing helpful reviews (like Ericho), but I'm not. I don't want to be the "omg this is awesome! voted 5!" guy, so I decided reviewing just isn't my cup of tea.

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