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Posted by Nijsse - November 20th, 2012


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I nominate VuvuzelaClock (emeralds5.newgrounds.com) for this because he is shipping out for the Navy next week and you can not only celebrate your milestone but SUPPORT OUR TROOPS with that action.

Well, since I don't expect that many comments he has a decent chance of receiving the upgrade. I won't be giving it away next week though, so it's likely going to be a 'welcome back' gift for VuvuzelaClock.

(I mean Emerelds5)

Congrats on 300,000 medal points that is a lot.

Me please?

Pretty please?


Are you still #1 in terms of medals?

Yeah, wish I had some competition for the #1 spot though.

Yup, he's still #1

I expected you to have way more medal points and a thousand more medals than I have, but you actually have both about as much more than I have. That's pretty surprising to me.

It's time for you to play the games a little longer. Completing games is fun!

Please don't enter me. I'd just like to say congrats to you on getting to 300k :)

Thank you! I think it would've been 320k if you were still around... =(

Congrats. Still great to have a Dutchman as #1 Medalist of NG. =]

Unfortunately, I don't view NG medals the way you crazy medal collectors do, mainly due to the fact that it wastes my time and my laptop lags fairly easily.

Why are you earning these NG medals? I really can't see the point behind it.

Because I love games, and doing something you really enjoy is never a 'waste of time', imo.

I don't know how I missed this post o,0;
Congratulations on 300k!! you earned it :P

Well, apparently I missed yours as well. =( I hope your efforts will be rewarded, but I don't see things get changed any time soon.

Yeah probably not anytime soon, but it got their attention.

Congratulations Gamer!

And in two weeks you already got another 6700 medal points O_O

No Shantom?

Shantom already has a Supporter Upgrade. =)

Oh, of course.

Did you lose almost no medals, or is it just that I didn't notice because the number is so big?

According to the Hexalist by Bahamut I had 12,567 medals 2 weeks ago. I earned 7k points since then, so I'd say I lost about 1300 medals. Pretty depressing stuff, but I'm confident the problem will be fixed.

Hi,I'm at about 29000 kills in the Arena mode of Madness: Project Nexus,I'll get that medal someday,I'm your 27th fan btw.

Awesome, thanks. Good luck earning the Project Nexus medal. It's an insane grind.

No winner yet?

Actually, there is a winner, but since we're so close to Christmas I decided to wait a couple of days to make the announcement. Check this page again in two days if you'd like to see who won. =)

I wonder what you posted in that blank post in the forum <,<

Are you making this a Christmas gift?

Ah, oops, I didn't see your response to Shantom's comment yet.

For one of us there will be two presents this Christmas. One hundred point medal from a certain calender, and an upgrade as well. :D

Something tells me there will be many more "be here on christmas" medals.

We'll see, I hope not too many! Christmas is a fun and busy day, I can squeeze in a bit of PC-time in the morning, but after that it's all about food, drinks and presents. =)

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