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13-Years on NG: Supporter Upgrade giveaway. FR33!

2013-05-16 11:04:43 by Nijsse

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The winner of this of this year's contest is: WonderTheHedgehog. Congratulations!

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

3-7: Let the games begin! The game I picked for this years contest is:

********** Room Raider **********

The participant with the highest amount of rooms wins !


4-7 (1): Roughly 25% of the contest is over. You guys are putting up quite a show! WonderTheHedgehog with 40 rooms, Syrreal with 39 and the ghost of Shantom has 37 rooms. Nice performance by TheRed555 as well. If you can reach 32, you can reach 40. Again, good luck to all participants in the remaining 36 hours.

4-7 (2): We are approaching the half-way mark, and it seems like Syrreal just went for the kill. 54 rooms is amazing, thanks for discouraging the competition! =)

4-7 (3): It seems like the contest isn't over just yet! After 24 of the 48 hours, Syrreal is still in the lead with 54 rooms, but WonderTheHedgehog reached the 50 room mark as well. It would be fun if some other participants get into the mix as well, but for now it seems like the winner is going to be one of these two.

4-7 (4): Only 14 hours left! It seems like Syrreal is confident enough in his score to stop playing. I'm watching WonderTheHedgehog play right now on, and while he is trying his best to claim the first spot, things don't seem to go his way just yet.

5-7 (1): With exactly 12 hours left in the contest, WonderTheHedgehog managed to reach room 54 as well! I didn't think a draw was going to be an issue, but I'll think of something in case it really happens. THANKS FOR AN AWESOME SHOW GUYS! =)

5-7 (2): Just 4 hours to go, and WonderTheHedgehog took the lead with 56 rooms! It's going to be pretty difficult to beat such an awesome score, but there's still some time left.

5-7 (3): 3 hours left. Watching Syrreal play on my phone. Sorry boss.

5-7 (4): 1 hour left. It seems like it's over. I could probably ship the prize to WonderTheHedgehog right now, but who knows, miracles happen.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =


Knuckstrike (playing for Hybrid-Of-Souls)


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2013-05-16 11:49:55

yum yum frozen treats


2013-05-16 15:56:56

Nooooooo not nexus.
Pretty please?
Anyway I'm in. AND I'M GOING TO BEAT ALL OF YOU except for people like Fooliolo, Wonder, Shantom, Syrreal, Edykel and other people who are better at gaming than I am.

Nijsse responds:

Okay, no Nexus. I just noticed the Balrog guy uses high-score tables too! Should be fun, right? ;)

I don't know if all of those guys are going to participate. Shantom entered and I'm pretty sure WonderTheHedgehog will like it as well, but the others usually stay away from my news page.


2013-05-16 18:25:47

A competition?, I love the contests with prizes, the time has come for me to make practice on some game, because I want to participate, and maybe even win :P


2013-05-16 22:46:18

I'm definitely interested in doing this. Thank you!


2013-05-17 21:19:20

I ended up here by pure luck... I guess it`s fate, so I`ll give it a try haha


2013-05-18 08:59:45

A gaming contest?sounds very interesting,of course I'll participate,I really like the fast-paced games (something like man in gap),also,happy 13th NG birthday!

Nijsse responds:

Thanks! I agree games like Man in Gap are fun, but that game in particular has way too many bugs to use for the contest. I'll try not to disappoint you. =)


2013-05-18 14:03:42

It's in July? That's in the middle of my vacation and isolation time. Happy 13 though! You're just a few years ahead of me. :P


2013-05-19 14:12:11

I think I will give it a try. I just hope it doesn't turn into "Nijsse is too lazy to make a contest" contest :P

Nijsse responds:

Ha. Well, the store credit is available and the contest is already there. All there's left for me to do is pick a game on the 3rd of July. I hope it will be a bit more exciting than last year's dice throw, but I think Knuckstrike was pretty happy about it.


2013-05-21 01:00:38

I dare you to choose Desert Bus as the game. I dare you.


2013-05-21 01:57:14

oh why not ill jump on the bus but if you do choose madness then ill be the winner hands down


2013-05-21 02:29:57

I dare you to choose this game as the game. I dare you

Nijsse responds:

If only it had a high-score table!

So, who are you playing for? I'd like to add Cyberdevil, Shantom and yourself to the list of participants, but you guys can't seem to read the damn manual. =P


2013-05-21 15:12:03

This guy

Nijsse responds:



2013-05-23 07:01:41

Well, I think I made up my mind. It's H-O-S's birthday that week as well, so I suppose I'll give it to him.
Or, well, you give it to him.

Nijsse responds:

Perfect, thanks for not picking another shitty user. Good luck!


2013-05-26 11:04:01

Wow, I somehow read that as June instead of July the first time through and was sad about not having the time to join... so I guess I'll join in now that I know =p. Also, it's crazy that's it's already almost been 2 years since your 11 years on NG post; the time really did fly by.

Nijsse responds:

It wouldn't be the same without you. Lets hope it will be an interesting challenge!


2013-05-27 15:26:11

I don't have someone in mind. I mean the people I want to play for are already skilled enough to play for themselves (Syrreal, EdyKel and some other gamers). Playing for them is like.. insulting them :P
I'm just joining for the fun of it (I like competing with others). No need to add me to the list. :3

Or maybe, if I win, I can make my own competition and... o,o
nah nvm -_-

Nijsse responds:

Okay, your choice. Hope you'll change your mind.


2013-05-30 06:00:49

I want to take an active part
in winning this awesome giveaway award

Nijsse responds:

That's great, I was hoping you'd join the fun. Good luck.


2013-06-03 12:50:42

I would like to participate in this contest.I love playing challenges and getting medals.

Nijsse responds:

That's great, have fun!


2013-06-10 15:26:21

Sure love playing games? Count me in.


2013-06-10 23:52:23

I almost didn't recognize you with that new icon XD
LoZ ftw :P

Nijsse responds:

Agreed, I think it fits quite well. It was time for the elephant to go.


2013-06-18 06:15:07

Would love to join


2013-06-20 13:45:14

You have decided the official date of the competition? (I can't wait)

Nijsse responds:

Yeah, it's on my Newgrounds anniversary day (july 3rd). I made it a bit more clear as we're getting closer to it. Don't worry, I'll PM all the participants the day before, just to make sure you guys won't miss it. =)


2013-06-22 18:41:51

Man I´m in it looks great ;)

Nijsse responds:

You're in! =)


2013-06-23 12:51:31

I wanna join too.


2013-06-24 21:36:11

Sounds fun, I'll give it a try.

Nijsse responds:

Cool, have fun.


2013-07-01 12:51:18

I haven't checked this in a while; awesome to see all the participants.

18 people seems like about the perfect amount of people for this contest. A managable bunch.


2013-07-02 02:36:03

Have a nice day in Amsterdam.
When you come back, I'll be on the top of the highscore table. =)

Nijsse responds:

Thanks. We'll see. If it's going to be the game I have in mind, you have played it before and your score sucked back then. ;) I really hope you guys will push it to insane levels, but I guess 2 days is a little short for that.


2013-07-03 06:34:32

lol.. that's a tough game!
I remember ragequitting after barely passing room 20 o,0;

Nijsse responds:

You're doing a lot better this time around. Exciting stuff, thank you!


2013-07-03 11:29:14

I'm pleasantly surprised with the game you picked =p. Also, happy 13th NG anniversary; I hope Amsterdam is/was fun. Also, what happens in the event of a draw?

Nijsse responds:

Thanks, it was a fun day. Glad you like the game I picked, the high score table is very interesting, can't wait to see how it will unfold. Best of luck to you! If it ends in a draw, I'll pick a new game for just the two of you. Plinko? =)


2013-07-04 03:32:39

"thanks for discouraging the competition!"

I didn't care about that^^, first thing I wanted is to beat your highscore of 51. =)
Can't forget 60s Santa Run.

Nijsse responds:

Yeah, I would've been pretty disappointed you guys failed to beat my score. The game keeps challenging the player, and I thought the 50 rooms medal was a lot of fun to try and reach.

I just noticed WonderTheHedgehog reached 50 rooms as well! You haven't won yet. =)


2013-07-04 04:52:12

Yeah, I know. He keeps me up to date in the Twitch chat.^^

Nijsse responds:

I just finished watching the 54 room run, very nice job. It seems like you really listened to me when I said "while the game is frustrating the hell out of you". =P Too bad I'm missing all the live recordings. I hope someone will start one of those within the next few hours.


2013-07-04 18:17:38

Meh, not really my kind of game, the randomness is just annoying. I doubt I'd be able to get much further than 20 if I tried more. I need to spend more time trying to get top topper this week :P.

Nijsse responds:

That's too bad, but it's your choice obviously, so no worries. I think the randomness is what makes this game so interesting. Depending on the weapon you get, a room can be very easy or incredibly difficult. Also, if a run doesn't seem to go your way, you still keep playing because there's always the 2% shot you get room 7.


2013-07-04 20:29:48

Yeah, nice one. I really hope for a second game.^^ But also I hope Plinko is a joke...

Nijsse responds:

Yeah Plinko was a joke, I had a few decent ideas to discuss with you guys. It seems like it won't be a draw though, as WonderTheHedgehog just took the lead.


2013-07-05 02:05:35

Damn, he got 56 =(, I have to get back to this game ...

Nijsse responds:

Good luck! I don't care who wins, you both did an amazing job. 4 hours should still be enough time to get into zen-mode and reach room 60 like you promised. =)


2013-07-05 06:48:28

Thank you for the contest and the supporter upgrade, Nijsse. As frustrating as the luck was at times it was overall a fun experience :). I'm a little disappointed that not too many of the people participated, but oh well. It was a close match with Syrreal, but in the end I got a lucky run. Also, thanks for ruining my 1k+ point gain per day for this week =p.

Nijsse responds:

You're welcome, glad you had fun. I was hoping for some more active participants as well, but I'm pretty sure it wouldn't have made much difference in the end. Not much other users can do if 2 of the elite gamers on this website decide to spend so much time trying to outdo each other.


2013-07-05 07:06:23

Congratulations WonderTheHedgehog! :3
I watched some of the gameplays by you and Syrreal, they were pretty entertaining XD
This game is really frustrating if you're not lucky.
I played around 3 hours totally? I keep on dying around 30s because of some stupid luck (DAMN THAT UZI)
I think if I spend more time on this game, I can probably reach 50s, but I need a lucky run :P
Maybe... one day.. I'll try again...

Anyway, great competition by Syrreal and Wonder. It was really fun to watch :)
Good luck next time Syrreal ^^

(Updated ) Nijsse responds:

Agreed. I still think the luck element in this game is what made it the perfect pick for this competition. If the game was pure about skills it would probably still be frustrating, and most users wouldn't have a chance at winning. If it was a luck-based game I might as well throw a dice like last year. =P


2013-07-05 07:10:30

Oh and Thank you Nijsse for making this competition :)

Nijsse responds:

You're welcome! Maybe next time the prize should be a Penicorn, so people with a supporter account can play for themselves.


2013-07-05 07:29:03

Congratulations WonderTheHedgehog!

And to Shantom. You got Bronze this week although you didn't even participate in the contest. XD


2013-07-05 07:46:21

lol I don't know how I stayed in 3rd place even though I didn't put much of a fight :P
Too bad many people didn't participate :|


2013-07-05 07:54:26

I want a penicorn!
But seriously, great dedication from both "serious" contestants. I was secretly rooting for Syrreal, but clapped in my hands when I saw that Wonder got 56 rooms. Awesome run.

Also, Nijsse, nicely organized. Great participation, and a perfect game choice. I'm surprised that not more people participated. Even I was only one room away from bronze, and I only played for about three hours.

From now on, I'll read every single one of Syrreal's posts in his German accent :]

(Updated ) Nijsse responds:

Thanks for the kind words Knuck.
I didn't really mind who turned out to be the winner. WonderTheHedgehog and I have been friendly competitors for some years now, but I definitely wouldn't have mind shipping the prize to the angry German guy. =P


2013-07-05 08:47:22

Btw. what was the game for the first contest and who won it?

Nijsse responds:

It was literally a giveaway for active NG users. All you had to do was make a comment on my newspost and I would find a way to give away the prize. My first idea was to pick a game, but since no one seemed to care about it, I just picked the 6 users I respected most and threw a dice. Yes, a dice. Knuckstrike won.


2013-07-05 16:10:44

Congratulations WonderTheHedgehog!, I unfortunately I did suck at this game :(

Nijsse responds:

Thanks for participating though, I appreciate it. =)


2013-07-05 17:44:14

Sorry, I totally missed the whole contest. Oh well! Congrats, Wonder! Now I've got to try this game :P


2013-07-06 14:22:20

Congrats to WonderTheHedgehog,awesome score,and happy *belated* birthday nijsse!

(Updated ) Nijsse responds:

Thank you TheRed! Hope you had fun. 32 rooms is a pretty nice score. =)


2013-07-18 22:36:11

Congratulations on reaching 400k!! :D

Nijsse responds:

Thanks! I sacrificed a bit too much sleep to get there last night, lol. How is your holiday by the way? I noticed that the time you are posting stuff lately don't really compute for someone from Kuwait with a full time job. =P


2013-07-19 17:25:57

Congrats on 400k medal points, only 100k off from the big 500 =p.

Nijsse responds:

Thanks! I'm still having lots of fun playing medal games, even without the competitive aspect. Hope you enjoy the benefits of your upgrade! =)


2013-07-19 17:35:50

lol it's still summer holiday here in Kuwait :3
Usually in these days I sleep/wake up whenever I want. I don't follow any specific time :P
I was awake till 8 am yesterday watching an awesome anime.
I was planning on playing more medal games these days but I think I'll be watching more animes and maybe re-draw one/some of my original characters. Who knows..

Also, it seems like I'll be playing an mmo game next month. If that happens, I'll be less active around here :x

Nijsse responds:

What awesome anime? What other anime? What's an/the mmo games you're playing next month? What are your characters, as I only know Krain? Where can I see them? Why would you be less active, even though a day has 24 hours? You can't just throw all this stuff at me without some explanation!


2013-07-19 21:25:11

XD too many questions lol. I'll "try" to keep it short :P
This new awesome anime is "Shingeki no Kyojin" (Attack on Titan). Definitely one of the best animes I've seen in a while. Interesting story, amazing voice acting (Japanese voice acting of course), and the animation quality/art style is great.

As for the other animes, I have a huge list :x
I wanted to see many of them for a while, but I kinda ignored them for one reason or another, and the list got pretty big..
To mention some: One Outs - D.Gray-man - Toriko - Soul Eater - Fairy Tail

I'll be playing Final Fantasy XIV: ARR (Yea.. I'm a fan of Japanese games/animes :P). It's their second attempt at creating this game. It came out crappy 3 years ago but they re-built the game from scratch. I've been playing the beta version for the past few weeks, and I really like what I've seen.
It's coming out next month with open beta and 'early access' (for those who pre-ordered the game).

Knowing myself with MMOs, I can be pretty addicted. I'll play that game more than anything else, which means I won't be playing medal games like I used to.
But even when I'm very damn busy or playing an mmo, there are a few websites that I visit daily. I almost never miss a day without visiting these daily websites (I've been visiting these websites every day for years), and NG became one of them like 2 years ago. I don't think I missed a day without visiting NG o,o;
So, I'll still be around every day, but I may not be that active ._.

As for my other characters, I've never shared any of them publicly in the internet (other than Krain). Mainly because I'm not that good at drawing. It's just a hobby, and sometimes, I draw to pass the time (when I have nothing else to do).
So, most of these drawings are only scratches, and most of them are only faces without any other body parts (Oh and some of these faces are incomplete too ._.)
I thought that, one day I'll re-draw these characters, and give them names and characteristics, but I never get to do that. And I don't know if I'll ever get to do it.
When I drew Krain, I realized that it's not as easy as I thought. I have to learn how to draw body parts and I have to learn how to use PC/drawing programmes, which will take a very long time. I just feel sorry for not drawing body parts before. :/
For now, I decided to put these scratches/faces in one/few page(s) and share them her.

Nijsse responds:

Thanks, that's more like it. =)
Interesting stuff. I'd like to learn a bit more about the Asian animation scene, but lots (most?) of it doesn't seem to be my cup of tea. However, there is some stuff out there I really love. Tekkonkinkreet is a great example of this.. Same thing with games. I know you read about me mentioning Okami being one of my favorite games ever, yet I get bored of Final Fantasy games in a matter of minutes. I know those games are very different, I would just like to figure why some of this stuff pretty much changes my life because of their awesomeness, yet most of it bores the hell out of me.

As for your drawings, I understand you like to keep stuff like that to yourself. Just asking, because as your probably figured out I'd like to know a little (tbh, a lot =P) more about people I like on them interwebs. =)


2013-07-21 17:32:12

I know what you mean :P
I kinda know why many people hate Japanese stuff, especially animations. Maybe the most known reason is that Japanese people tend to over dramatize everything. Small, big or meaningless, it doesn't matter, you'll find some kind of drama over it.
Here is a good example:
Students racing for some limited creme caramel (pudding). This is not that different from their animations (except.. it's not animated lol.)
I haven't heard of Tekkonkinkreet before, I'll try to find it.
Also, I really suggest you watch Shingeki no Kyojin. It's one of a kind. Even if you don't like animes in general, you'll probably like this one.

As for their games, they also add drama in it somehow. But as you said, sometimes the game is VERY good, while at other times it's boring. 'Zelda Ocarina of Time' is one of the best games I played so far (I beat that game 4 times in different consoles o,o), while I couldn't play more than one hour in many Final Fantasy games.

About my drawings, it's not like I wanted to keep them for myself, I just didn't want to present them in a bad way (as scratches). I wanted to re-draw them, complete them and present them in a good way. I just didn't want people to hate my drawings because they are incomplete scratches (even though it's just a hobby and I'm not really an artist, but it'll still affect me).
But since I don't think I'll draw them anytime soon (I realized that after Krain), I thought about releasing these scratches as they are.
Right now, I don't really mind people hating my scratches. I just want to put them out there instead of keeping them hidden forever (aka killing them).

I already put few scratches together, but the way I put them together is pretty crappy lol
Well, they are scratches anyway, so who cares :P

Nijsse responds:

No, for me it's definitely not the extra drama they like to add to their stuff. I kinda like it, and even though I don't have an obsession with Japan like some people seem to have, I'm probably going to check it out within the next few years. As a newbie on the subject, I'd say there are 2 main reasons I'm having trouble finding the stuff I like. Anime can sometimes be either way to peachy, like Sailor Moon, or it has too much (physical and/or psychological) violence. I'm looking for a great storyline and atmosphere. Action for the sake of action is only distracting to me so I don't get drawn into the movie. I guess the discussion is more about anime-style games/movies rather than Japanese stuff in general. Thanks for all the suggestions by the way!

Serial Experiments: Lain is another anime I really enjoyed. It was just the right amount of mindfuck to keep me interested. I will check out Shingeki no Kyojin because you suggested it, but based on google images (lol google images) I don't think it's really what I'm looking for. You can't judge a book based on it's (google image) cover, so who knows. =)

As for Zelda, I never really thought of it as a Japan thing. I've been playing those games since I was like 9 years old and it had an incredible impact on my life. Like you said, Ocarina of Time is one of the best games ever (even though I prefer Majora's Mask a little bit, God I love Clock Town!), but almost every LoZ out there is just incredible. Now that I think about it, a lot of games I grew up with were Japanese.

Your scratches (tihi) are quite enjoyable. I'll try to write a review if you like, but you pretty much reviewed yourself perfectly in these last 2 comments. It's always possible to beat a few dead horses by telling you these sketches aren't finished and they don't have bodies. I could also ask you how much time you've spent on the art eternally!


2013-07-21 19:50:56

lol just realized I've been saying "scratches" instead of "sketches" :x


2013-07-23 08:24:16

I see :O
I think what you're looking for is mostly in movies.
What about sport animes? I kinda like them :o

Oh Lain, one of the animes I wanted to watch but I forgot about it lol. Thanks for reminding me :P
lol google images had some spoilers o,o; I hope it didn't ruin anything for you.

I think I also grew up with Japanese games :3
Majora's mask is also one of the best games I played. I like the difficulty in that one over Ocarina.

About my scra....err sketches, you don't have to write a review about them. I mean they are just sketches.
But I think it's interesting to know which characters everyone prefers (I added numbers for that reason). Even though I hate some of these sketches, I added them because someone may think otherwise. That part was always interesting to me.
And, I really don't know how much time I spent on these sketches :x I don't think I can answer that question. Not to mention, I'm only posting few sketches, not all of them (I have a lot ._.).
I think I'll post (3?) more collections. They are taking too long though.. :|