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Challenge accepted: 100.000 medal points in 1 week!

Posted by Nijsse - August 23rd, 2013

19-12: 2 things:

1) It should be possible for me to do some streaming with audio commentary soon. I just need to set it up properly.

2) I'm in such an awesome place in my life right now, if I would stream I would make Syrreal look like Mother Teresa. Gonna have to postpone it.


Starting on august 25th I began my challenge of earning as many medal points as possible in 1 week, with an ultimate goal of 100.000 points. During this week I spend around 100 hours playing medal games, an average of about 14 hours a day. Unfortunately, even though I tried my best to reach my goal, I didn't make it.

At the end of august 31th my final score was: 90000 medal points.

Why wasn't I able to complete my challenge? I can think of 5 reasons:

1) Lack of preparation. My job is going to be very busy soon, so the only available week to take some time off was the one coming up right away. Because of this I had only 1 day to pick the games I was going to play and set up the stream. While my list for the most part contained great games for this challenge, there were also a few big mistakes on it. When I figured out a game would take longer than expected it was usually too late to go back, and I had to spend at least an hour to earn 500 medal points, while I needed to average 1000 points an hour to win the challenge.

2) The stream. It was fun to interact with my fellow medal grinders, but it also brought up some issues. My Flash Player crashed several times during the week so instead of playing games I had to fix those issues and/or reboot my laptop. Also, the stream caused some lag from time to time. When playing skill games the fps should always be constant. This wasn't always the case because of the stream, causing unnecessary deaths within a game, leading to the next point.

3) Frustration. It's something I never have to deal with when playing medal games, because if I don't have a good time I just stop playing. Unfortunately, when you have a pace of 1000 medal points an hour to keep up with, you need to keep going. Failing to beat games because it takes too long or because of lag frustrated me from time to time. This caused me to play worse so it took even more time to beat certain games.

4) Time pressure. Normally when playing medal games, you read the instructions, play a bit, figure out a nice tactic and then destroy it. Because I needed to beat multiple games every hour, there was no time for this, so I had to dive in nose-first and hope for the best. This worked out nicely for the most part, but sometimes I had no idea what to do and lost a lot of time, or figured out a better way to beat the game, but couldn't restart because of time issues.

5) I was too stubborn to use walkthroughs. For the first 5 days I completed every puzzle game by trial-and-error. Using a guide (as we all do sometimes) could've saved me a bunch of time, but I thought the challenge would be more pure this way. I abandoned this idea by day 6, but I pretty much lost the challenge by then.

Looking back to last week, it was a great experience. It took a lot out of me and I'm really exhausted right now, but I still think it was worth it. I'm obviously disappointed I didn't reach 100.000 medal points, but 90k is still a nice score. Trying the challenge again isn't an option, as I now know how to play every game, making it really dull. It was a once in a lifetime thing and a perfect way to keep the medal system entertaining for myself. I really hope the people who watched the stream enjoyed it. I definitely appreciated the support!

Special thanks to: WonderTheHedgehog for helping me setting up the stream and Syrreal / Knuckstrike for entertaining me in the Twitch Chat with random cat and dog images while also providing me with useful information about the game I was currently playing.


My Newgrounds account for this challenge will be: Yagya Watch me play on twitch.tv/nijsse. Again, any comments are appreciated.

25-8: Ended the day with 25000 points after playing roughly 60 games. Thanks for tuning in, and I hope to see you all tomorrow! =)

26-8: Just finished day 2. I played around 14 hours today and earned 12415 medal points. Pretty safe to assume this challenge is going to be insanely difficult to win. Total points after today: 37415

27-8: Played another 14 hours. Most of the games were lots of fun to play, but the quality of my play is starting to decrease from time to time. Ended the day with 50000 medal points.

28-8: Day 4 started out badly. I experienced problems with the stream, some lag, a few medals didn't register and I wasn't playing too well. Fortunately, things started to get better after dinner, so after playing for almost 15 hours, I ended my day at 61675 points. Slightly behind pace, but it could've been worse.

29-8: I think it's going to be impossible to hit 100k this week. Today didn't go very well, even though I played some great games (Abobo!). One of my biggest strengths as a gamer is that I can stay relaxed and focused without ever getting angry. Today I ragequit a game because of an annoying fly in my house. Playing for around 70 hours in 5 days might be a little over the top, but I'm not giving up just yet. Ended the day with 70320 points.

30-8: Tried my very best today, but the challenge is a little too much for me. Still managed to earn over 10000 medal points today, and finished at 80710. There is one day left, and even though I know it's not going to happen, I'll keep going just to see how much points I can collect.

31-8: With 10 hours left on the clock (and after playing for 13 hours today) I gave up the challenge. Even if I would spend every minute that is left collecting medals, 100k would still be too much. Ended the challenge with an even 90000 medal points and I will post a summary of the challenge soon.

Comments (31)

what is your new account going to be called?

No idea yet, I'll post a link to the profile and the stream when I get everything worked out.

I hope you do it, good luck.

Thanks Aiden.

Can we vote on what the name is going to be?

Recommendations are welcome! =)

Sooner than I thought o,0;
Can't wait! ^^

"1ChallengeAccount" ? "Nijsse2013" ? "FakeNijsse" ?
lol I suck :P

Yeah, I just talked to Syrreal about it, and I really hope there's enough time to get it right. Not quite sure about it. Unfortunately, starting from September shit will hit the fan at work, so it has to be done right now, even with limited preparation.

How about "Knuckstrike4president"?

You guys are really creative.

Well this came a lot sooner than I thought. I was thinking some weeks, or even months before you would have said even a set date o.O. Anyways, I'm very excited to watch this and will try to catch as much of it is I can. And I assume the time is a 24-hour clock? I guess I get to wake up at 3 AM! Anyways, please try and make your account name a bit more *ahem* creative than these suggestions =p.

Thanks! I was hoping for some more time as well. It will be difficult to even come up with a proper game list. Westcoast huh? If everything goes according to plan, I'll play 12 hours straight tomorrow, so you can stay in bed a bit longer.

I'm sure your years of experience, will make 100K points a reality! CET is -1hr. Pico Time, right?

Thank you. I haven't forgotten about your idea sir, but that seems like the perfect thing to do for a Christmas holiday challenge. Winner could be one of the first with a 2014 Supporter Upgrade, plus people should have a bit more time to participate.

About the timezone, it's GMT+1, so 6 hours ahead of New Jersey. =)

You should've kept this a secret. Then, after signing up with a name like 'xXN1S0n1cMar1oFre4kXx', you should've made a post in the top medal point users list saying "Heyyyy I hav 1200 points but Ill make it soon". Then wait one week and laugh at everyone's reaction.

What exactly was the problem you were having? You may not be able to start the streaming as soon as you would have liked, but I'm sure myself and Syrreal would be happy to help as best as we can.

I think the settings of OBS are the way they should be, but all I get is a black screen. I'm also somewhat intoxicated from a party and really tired. The challenge should start in 9 hours, but not sure if I'm going to be ready in time. I feel pretty dumb right now, but I really hate to rush stuff like this. =/

WonderTheHedgehog is right. It will keep you from earning new medals, so the stream must go on (or start at least). !

If you download the open broadcast software and search on your twitch account for the key that you need to input into that software, it's pretty self-explanatory from there onwards. You might need to switch a few switches on and off, but that's it.

Yaay, you reached 50k! I fully believed that unless you reached 50k by the end of day 3 there was almost no chance of you succeeding. I was a little worried after seeing you ended with less than 40k yesterday, but I'm glad to see you earned more today than yesterday =p. I still fully believe that 100k within a single week is possible, but in order for you to reach it you're gonna have to be putting in a lot of time these last few days =p. 12.5k average with the games you have left is no easy task, but if anyone can do it I think it's you. It sucks that I won't be able to watch more than the hour or so each morning here (until Saturday) but I'll have some fun watching the recordings this weekend =p.

Thanks a lot! It would've been easier if I had more time to prepare. There are so many games I don't remember, and some of them take too much time to relearn. By the time I figure that out, it's too late to quit playing the game. Hope you enjoy the stream, and aren't too disappointed by that I'm not playing too well from time to time. Time for day 4!

Hey,good luck nijsse,I really like this kind of challenges,kinda insane at the first look,but NOT impossible,too bad,I don't have enough time to overcome such a challenge.
Make it and hopefully,Tom will mention you in the monthly best topic.
1-What will you do with the other account when you'll finish this challenge?
2-Do you plan to go back to the medals you're missing on your main account (noticed that you're missing some story mode medals in Madness: Project Nexus)?
-Good luck

Thank you.
I don't think any of the staff members know about this. It is my personal challenge, and it's really nice to have a few viewers, but I wouldn't want 100 users tuning in. ;) Like some others, you seem to be thinking this is just a time issue. I've been playing for 55 hours in the last few days and figured out it's so much more than just time investment. I still have no idea if I'm going to make it.

1) Nothing, I guess. Hope to get my Yagya account up to 100k, and then leave it there.
2) YES, although I don't think I will ever be able to earn every medal on this site.

Congratulations for making it into the Top 200 players for a second time.

Rank #129 now hurray!
Pretty sure H-O-S won't even include me in his list though. Shantom is a little more observant.

Dam u have 90,000 ng medals and plus it should be at Newgrounds history about medals. You also have nearly the same medals as me great job Nijsse u deserve a cookie ;).

Thanks for the cookie, Henrun! =)

all you need is 10,000 more WTF?

I thought you wanted competition! You need to slow down! :P

Slow down even more? This week I earned 83000 less medal points than last week, what else can I do? Maybe you should distract me with a new stream? :P

Holy shit that's a ton of medals! I guess this proves it's actually possible to get into the top 100 Medal achievers in a single week, and the top 50 in less than two. Or for normal users maybe a month... but that's still much faster than I'd expected. Great initiative!

Thank you! In retrospect I feel like I shouldn't have rushed it so much. I never streamed before, I never used that particular laptop for games before and I pretty much didn't prepare for the challenge. It was too much of an impulse action on my part, but it was a fun experience!

Yeah, getting in the top 50/100 doesn't seem too difficult, but without the proper knowledge (I mean, I kinda knew what to play) it's definitely a lot harder than I made it look. It's by far the easiest top list to reach though! What are you waiting for? ;)

Waiting for tons of spare time! :) I was actually thinking of bookmarking the Yagyu profile and for starters playing through all of the listed games (considering they must be some of the quicker/easier ones), but... there's only one page? Total Medals Earned: 3,600 (From 1 different games.)???

How did that happen?

Medal games have a few bugs right now. We've addressed them multiple times and PsychoGoldfish is the only one who can fix them. One of these bugs is that we can't view the last xx pages of our medal walls. Yours doesn't go passed page 37 ("TH"). My guess is you should have around 50 pages. Note that this doesn't affect your medal points / total medals earned stats. It does affect the 'different games' stat. The bug seems to get worse over time, that's why the Yagya account only has 1 page. =(

Smart idea through! Lets hope PG will be around to fix these issues soon (it's been quite a while) so we can view our entire medal collection again.

During your ventures in medal moderation, have you stumbled upon any other user profiles with a mere one page of displayed medals, or is this truly a spectacularly rare phenomenon? Yeah, hope there's a simple solution! Good to know.

Well, every user who earned a bunch of medals is affected by the bug, but the Yagya account is kind of an extreme case. Without going into details, it's pretty likely that you will see a negative number in the 'Different Games' stat if the bug doesn't get fixed soon. Pretty sure these issues can be easily fixed, but PG is just a busy dude. It's been a few months now, so I really hope he finds some time for us soon.

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