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Hmm, I went hungry not that long ago, lost all the muscles I had earned. Then I had back surgery about this time last year... plenty of excuses, but I'm 41 y/o, and I finally hit the wall. The trick is to treat being on your feet, like a video game - a standing desk helps. A part time cleaning job would help. Most of my life from an early age, has been blue collar work. Having a gut and also, having to bending over a lot, is a good motivation, not to get fat.

Always make food yourself, no fast food or take out, no matter how health conscious it might seem. I always dilute soda with water (old habit, since I was only allowed one expensive, sugary drink a day). And don't sweat a 2-3 pound gain/loss, that happens a lot! It's good to have goals, but the only thing that matters is, going in the right direction, not how long the race is....

I wonder how Gagsy's been doing lately? A little over a year ago, she began to change her (consumption) behavior. Last I heard, she's doing okay.. I'm not into the BBS much

I've been working around 50 hours a week for the last 4-5 months, and it basically involves sitting on my ass all day. Since I started my 'challenge' I've been taking walks every break, drinking plenty of water and such. I'm extremely goal orientated (no shit =P), so I actually do sweat 3 pound gains, but I'm trying to let that go. At the end of the day, we try to lose weight to feel better, and I can already feel the difference after losing ~10 pounds.

As for Gagsy, I hope she's doing great! The thing about weight diaries is that when they don't get updated anymore it's usually bad news.

Planning on beating those people Nijsse? :]

Heh, no way. I haven't touched the game in 6 weeks (lol), but I'll promise to clock a time by next week, even though I only know half of the game. It wouldn't surprise me if it's 4 hours, I just need a start. When I clock a time I'm satisfied with, I'll move to a game that suits me better.

I wonder if a standing desk would work in your case. I know when I did it, I was awfully efficient! There's exercise machines you can use while sitting down... but oh man, are they geeky :p Be neat if you could install a pull up bar, right over your sitting position.

Hm, so every post from here on out, you'll have to tell us how you're doing weight wise, otherwise, we'll have to make you wear some lead lined yoga pants :)

Heh, I appreciate your tips, but there's not much I can change about my current office space. The good news is the days are getting longer, so perhaps there's some room for exercising in the evenings soon. The month is almost over, so it's almost time for my monthly recap.

I'll definitely keep posting about my progress! We both know the real goal is to look awesome in bikini this summer. =)

game is finally out! I'll stop harassing you now :)

Wow, I am really impressed. The game was awesome, I liked to upgrades, the difficulty level and the different guns. Even after earning every medal there's still plenty of fun left with the highscore table.

What can I say. I didn't expect too much since this is your first game here, but I really enjoyed playing your game! =)

thanks, means a lot!

I live in New Jersey |: Don't think I'll be heading to the shore, much less in a bikini lol.

Was kinda hoping EMIT didn't carry the medals over for us testers... oh well, that makes up for the -40 medals I saw on NG Logs, last I whored my stats :( Respectfully, thanks for keeping the system legit!

Heh, I usually try to avoid the shore when it's really hot. It's awesome to go there off-season, but unless you enjoy thousands of sweaty near-naked people around you (after all, it's a small country), it might not be the place you want to go.

As for EMIT, it's possible to earn every medal in <1 hour. Besides, the game is just as much fun a second time. There are games out there that I would dislike playing a 2nd time, but EMIT is definitely not one of them.

I contemplated picking this 'charity', but it really focuses on a month that's already gone. Appreciate your input though, any other suggestions are very welcome.

You... are.... God.

Not quite sure how to respond to that.. =)

Do you happen to have a link regarding the new glitch in LttP, I'm interested. Also, look on the bright side, either your neighbors really aren't serial killers, or they really like you :)

Yeah sure: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=epOSfEVBAAI

After getting the moon pearl you do this trick, it basically lets you warp within the dark world if you have a blue potion. This means you don't need to beat Agahnim #1 to be able to go Palace of Darkness. Thus, you don't need to get the pendants, so you skip the master sword.

They are still working on optimizing the new route, but it's basically this:

- You earn pendant #1 to receive the Pegasus boots
- You grab the gloves in the desert, and skip Lanmolas (we possibly skip this entire segment soon)
- You get the Moon Pearl, and skip Moldorm (booh, I got so good at beating that asshole)
- You skip Agahnim's Tower completely
- New rupee route, because you need 290 rupees early on (110 for Kiki, 180 for blue potion for the glitch). This also means a new overworld route, with at least 2 new fake flipper set-ups
- You keep the crappatron 2000 sword until after Blind. The blacksmith magically turns it into a tempered master sword
- Business as usual after this, but with 2 less hearts and no magic powder

The glitch isn't oob, but there's a lot of discussing going on how to categorize this, and what will happen to the old route. I'll just take a break for now to see what how the situation develops. This is kind of funny though (?), as I was literally expecting to get a sub 1:45 run this weekend.

That is the way how speedrunning works. The record holders define the category most of the time. And they have the big support with their followers the get their opinion through the process of defining the rules. This will happen in every game. Still waiting for your streams. Are you going with the glitch or not? You can always create your own category.

You know the scene better than I do. What I've seen in other (mostly Zeldo) games is that the best players just adapt to new strats/glitches. You're right in this case though, if this 1 person had another opinion, the entire category would be different. Especially the way it went down (people with a different opinion got banned from the irc chat, really mature stuff) is kind of a deal-breaker to me. I'll keep running the old route until I have a <1:45. It looks like a lot of fun to work my way up the leaderboard, but perhaps diving into another game is a better plan after these events.

I feel like an idiot for all the posts about streaming. It probably won't happen until I move to a new place (and perhaps purchase a better machine & internet). If for some reason you're interested in watching me play ALTTP without a mic/facecam, I guess that could be arranged. Just keep in mind I've only played the game somewhat serious for a few weeks now, so I suck compared to what you are used to. =)

The whole story somehow reminds me of Verifier 3 of https://forum.speeddemosarchive.com/post/oddworld_strangers_wrath__march_20th_2013.html .
In this game the 100 % is defined with collecting all the money bags, which means to get out of bounds to collect money bags falling through the floor or completely outside the whole game engine. No one playing this game casually can even see every money bag or get close to it without using some very abstruse frame perfect glitches. You also have to wait during a boss fight for around 30 minutes in a corner just to spawn more money bags.^^

The good thing are the marathons. And that is why so many different categories are really good in the end. To show a different way to beat a game. When you do your own stuff with your logical decisions in oob or not or whatever, there is the chance for a more various route, more of the game and a different playstyle. Even when you have the world record, you will never visit a marathon twice with the same route or category. There is no free space for it anymore. She can define what she wants, she will exceed her limit without new strats.

Did you really think about a cam? ;D Microphone could be more interesting but I just want to see some new stream. I cannot rewatch your insane 100k run^^ thanks to the effing twitch system. So, yeah some more input would be awesome.

Just one thing at the end. Banning people with a different opinion is something I can understand. Most of the time they discuss the stuff on some speedrunning related forums and then you really don't want to say or explain the way you act all the time on your own place / channel. Even when your decisions are not rational, they are free to have their own without questioning as long as they are not acting against a law.

That Oddworld story definitely sounds...odd. 0_o
Not sure if I agree with the banning thing. I mean, if it is on your own stream, I get it. It was on the public ZSR irc chat and you are discussing the future of a certain category. Banning people with a different opinion just feels really wrong. Prove that you're right by having good arguments, not by silencing your opposer.

I'm pretty sure you'll see the new route during a marathon. It's really enjoyable to watch. As for the streams, I can definitely do that. If you don't mind the lack of commentary, I can even go so far as to say I'll very likely stream reaching 500k medals points. Not that I'm getting there any time soon... =P

Okay, public channel. I misread that one. I thought it was her own irc.

I visit Nijsses profile and the first thing I see is &quot;Fuck You&quot;. Would be funny to quit with this as the first medal up there.^^

Hahaha, yeah, it's a message to you because you started streaming at 6:30 this morning. Kappa

No clue yet what my 'last medal' will be. I probably won't give it too much thought because of the fluctuations in medal points. It's unlikely I'll be able to stay at a round 500k points anyway.

Dutchguy1337 is the only reliable name.

Good point. Dutchboy1 up to Dutchboy1336 are probably taken by now.

Congrats!! That's one goal off your list. Then you only have 9 days for level 60 and you'll be hitting 500k shortly. Just gotta work on those irl goals :)

Thank you! Not quite sure what to do with the speedrun. I thought about moving on to another game, but I also think sub 1:40 is possible. With my trip to NYC planned I doubt I'll find a new place before the end of June. Also, I don't think losing 30 pounds in 6 weeks would be a smart idea. =)

When do you go to NYC? Just in case I want to prepare a burglary.^^

You're welcome to visit me whenever you want. I'm not quite sure robbing my place is a good idea though, as I doubt my anime collection is large enough for you to travel that far.

To answer your question: in 1 month.

Congrats!! Now you should make your icon golden :P

Thank you! I doubt I'll ever change my icon, I like it way too much.
By the way, you should come and visit me when I'm in the states! (even though the distance between us is probably like 2500 miles, I'm in your country, damnit)

Level 60. NG Gamer God. We bow down to you! :)
Congrats for your Zelda record time! Unfortunately, I didn't have much contact to SNES, so the closest I got to Zelda was Alundra. I used to be a record hunter when it comes down to car racing like PSX - Gran Turismo or Rollcage, so I can literally feel that urge to go that little bit faster, better or just smoother.

Thanks a lot! Yeah, challenging yourself is awesome. Don't look at people who have been playing the game for years, just try to be faster/better than your personal best. ALttP is a lot more difficult than it looks, and it really punishes you hard if you make small mistakes. It's all part of the fun though.

I'm still not sure if I should move on to a game that hasn't been beaten to death, or if I should go for sub 1:40.

Congratulations for reaching the golden treble.

Or as I like to call it: The Nerd Trifecta.

You've reached the highest possible exp rank, whistle rank, b/p rank and also you're the highest ranking medal user. Next to that you're a golden aura'd user. Do I have to call you mister Nijsse now?

Not anymore, you're 18 now!

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